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‘IIJS Virtual is developing the Retail jeweler to work in a digital process of stock keeping, Analysing stock sales data and reordering. At B2B level this is a fantastic step for the modernization of our industry’



Peeyush Prakash of Alankar Jewelarts Pvt Ltd will be looking at jewellery for the bridal season at the IIJS

What are your thoughts about the virtual edition of the IIJS?

I think it is a very good platform and such events are important for the growth of retailers. It will also help retailers organize themselves in the industry.

What are the product categories that you are planning to focus on at the IIJS virtual?

I am looking for fancy and natural coloured diamonds, also bridal polki jewellery. I generally buy from my regular vendors as I feel more comfortable in dealing with them.

What is your view on the upcoming six months? Do you think we will cover the losses suffered due to the lockdown in the next 6 months?

We should be able to make up for the losses and maybe even exceed previous year’s sales because demand is good. Many weddings have been got postponed to now, so I am hoping for a positive season. We must keep the maintenance of gold jewellery in mind because when the season is in full swing, as we might face a shortage of stocks. Production is also low as many karigars have left for their hometowns. We must be ready with our inventory.

Many retailers may have let their staff go, but I feel there is a need to take care of our staff. Retailers who have fired their staff will face issues in the future.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service.

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