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IIJS is like a festival for us and we plan to make great buys in coloured gemstones and gold jewellery



Yasir Sultan, director of Sultan in Chennai, has his eye on the upcoming festive and wedding seasons to make up for the lost business. Stay positive, is his mantra to success

What are your thoughts on the virtual format of the IIJS?

For every jeweller, IIJS is like a festival. It is not just about the business; it is big on networking. Personally, I will miss meeting the industry experts in real life, but given the times, I am happy about the event. The timing is great because demand has started trickling in. We are tech-savvy now, so this is a good way to go forward. I am really excited about the IIJS.

You have already registered and been on the forum. What categories are you looking to buy this time?

The dashboard is very nice and clear. It is easy to navigate. At Sultan, we specialise in coloured-stone jewellery. Because of the lockdown, we could not travel to the gem and jewellery markets and buy stock this year. It has been a challenge. So, at IIJS, we are keen on looking at coloured stones like tanzanites and morganites, and the new gems in the market. We will look at loose gem dealers as well. Gold jewellery is second on the list because people are looking to buy gold for investment purposes.

 What is your feel about the market in the next six months?

It’s going to be crucial, but one must stay positive. Shows like IIJS will keep us motivated. The festive and wedding seasons are coming up and there will be cutdowns on other grand expenditures this time. I am hoping that revenue comes into buying jewellery. This will help us get back on track.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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