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‘IIJS is a great platform to support each other in the fraternity’



Priti Bhatia, owner of Awesome Sparkles, asks retailers to keep in mind that any crisis is temporary, and the key is to stay positive

What is your opinion on the virtual format of IIJS?

It is a great opportunity that has come up during a difficult time. The concept is safe because people can benefit from the process from home. Today, everything can be found online. India has been struggling on the digital part when it comes to selling jewellery. This is, therefore, a great platform for anyone to get trained and well settled in the new virtual environment, which seems like the future now. I look forward to the conversion.

What can retailers expect from you at the IIJS Virtual?

We know that the upcoming wedding season is going to be packed. People will look for fast-moving products, so we have come up with wearable designs. Our other collection is called ‘The Mother of Pearl’. We have played with colours as I like to bring life into jewellery. We are also experimenting with Firoza in our one-of-a-kind bangles. Although people are in panic mode, there are some positives. As no one stepped out, we brought our business online. People will still want to attend weddings, however small, so we have budget necklaces to suit the demand. We also have heavy bridal sets, and their lighter versions in small diamonds. People want grandiose designs that are pocket friendly and we took care of that as manufacturers.

What is your advice for retailers who will attend the virtual meet?

If there is one thing that I have learnt in life, it is the importance of moving on. Whatever the situation is, we must stay positive and keep in mind that any crisis is temporary. The important thing is to support each other and IIJS is a great place for that. Just be there, look for the good designs and help out people in the fraternity.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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