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IGI’s ‘Know Your Diamond Jewelry’ Seminar Continues to Bridge the Knowledge Gap Among Diamond Zealots



The International Gemological Institute, IGI India, organized a ‘Know Your Diamond Jewelry’ seminar on behalf of Hira Panna Jewellers. Appreciated for its comprehensive approach at spreading awareness among diamond fanatics, the session was successful at enlightening customers about the various aspects that enhance the beauty of a diamond.

Spanning everything from the journey a diamond takes from the mines to the market followed by the crucial 4C’s – carat weight, color, clarity and cut, the seminar took to exploring a whole new side of diamonds. Available in various forms and shapes, the participants were explained the art of choosing the perfect diamond in terms of its cut, polish, grade and price.

“We, at Hira Panna Jewellers, Patna believe in diamonds as pride for the beholder of the product. The initiative from us was to make the society aware of the 4 C’s of diamonds which people wish to buy for the enhancement of beauty and their persona. IGI having played a pivotal role in certification and education, has been imparting knowledge about diamonds and diamond jewelry to the customers across the country.  This was the best partnership we could portray in public and which indeed turned out to be a great platform for both of the firms to joining hand in this cause to educate diamond lovers. I am extremely thankful for their extended response,” said Shekhar Keshri of Hira Panna Jewellers.

The concept of diamond jewelry certification was also introduced to the participants. A detailed account of the certification process conducted at the IGI laboratories worldwide was given in order to help them choose the right and credible jewelry. They were introduced to the fifth C- confidence, that a diamond or diamond jewelry attains, post its certification at IGI.

The International Gemological Institute, IGI, holds the supreme position in the gemological world. With a highly competent research wing and state of the art laboratories across the globe, IGI is indeed the world’s most trusted name in diamond, gemstone and diamond jewelry identification and grading. The ‘Know Your Diamond’ seminar is IGI’s effort at bridging the knowledge gap that exists among diamond connoisseurs across the country thereby spreading awareness and educating the end consumers about the most beautiful jewel ever.

Courtesy: Press Release

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