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IGI conducts seminars at the Kalyan Jewellers showroom in Indore



IGI launched seminar at Kalyan Jeweler Showroom

November 21, 2019: IGI conducted an extensive knowledge training session for the retail team and clientele of Kalyan Jewellers in Indore. A Retail Support Program was organized for the team,
whereas a Know Your Diamond seminar was held for the customers at the jeweler’s showroom. Known for its comprehensive approach towards refining retail selling techniques, the retail support
program focused on the importance of having requisite product knowledge and unparalleled, over the counter skills that is important for a quality sales process. The seminar emphasized on the
importance of understanding and evaluating the quality of a diamond, other gemstones and the various settings in jewelry. It focused on how a salesperson could instill a sense of trust in the
customer during the purchase process.

The Know Your Diamond Jewelry seminar successfully enlightened the customers about the various aspects that determine the quality, beauty and price of a diamond. Spanning everything from the journey a diamond takes from the mines to the market followed by the crucial 4C’s – carat weight, color, clarity and cut, the participants explored a whole new side of solitaires and solitaire
jewelry. Available in various forms and shapes, the participants were explained the art of choosing the perfect solitaire in terms of its cut, polish, grade and price.

They were also given a detailed account of the certification process conducted at the IGI laboratories worldwide and the credibility that an IGI report adds to the jewelry. They were introduced to the fifth C – confidence, that a diamond or solitaire jewelry attains, post its certification at IGI.

IGI provides customized training seminars and conferences to an increasing number of jewelry retailers and manufacturers. These programs are jointly developed based on the individual needs of
each company. The Know Your Diamond Jewelry seminar is designed to help customers understand the various aspects in diamonds and to make an informed purchase.

About IGI:
The International Gemological Institute (IGI) was established in Antwerp in 1975 and is the largest independent gemological laboratory and appraisal institute worldwide, with offices across the globe. As the world’s largest independent gemological laboratory and appraisal institute for diamonds, colored gemstones and jewelry, IGI is a standard of excellence, second to none, for industry professionals and consumers around the globe.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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