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“Adding the De Beers name to Forevermark will go a long way”



Foevermark Forum 2021

Dr Ravi Kapoor, Director, Kays Jewels Pvt Ltd speaks to Samit Bhatta, publisher of The Retail Jeweller India about his experience at the De Beers Forevermark Forum

What is your view on the De Beers Forevermark forum and their Code of Origin for diamonds? What are your feelings about the new collection ‘Avanti’ that they launched?

Forevermark itself started about 10 years back but has established itself as a brand now. That it has added the name of De Beers to it is a great initiative to be understood and known by all around the world and India. It will go a long way.

I appreciate the Avanti collection. We have ordered a few pieces. The response we expect is phenomenal.

I met a team from Forevermark at my store, and when they discussed the Code of Origin, it sounded like a great idea. The concept is delightful because most diamonds we use in jewellery, more than 70% will be certified with De Beers. It needs to be promoted. I wish Forevermark all the best.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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