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Hazoorilal Legacy looks to enter the daily wear segment with new collection ‘Zoori’




Launched with the tagline ‘where fun meets fine jewellery’, Zoori encourages customers to unleash their creativity and go for playful combinations

Luxury fine jewellery brand Hazoorilal Legacy, a renowned name in the retail market for high end jewellery in India, has just introduced its latest collection, ‘Zoori’, with the tagline ‘where fun meets fine jewellery’. The collection aims to cater to the taste of younger customers, and with it, the brand looks to find a place in their daily wear considerations.

“The target customer base for Zoori is Gen Z and millennials. We are looking to enter the daily wear segment with this collection,” says Sonal Narang, Creative Head and Jewellery Designer at Hazoorilal Legacy.

The Zoori collection has a burst of colour and captivating designs that will complement sophisticated everyday essentials of the discerning wearer. The collection features a range of vibrant jewellery pieces, from dainty necklaces adorned with colourful gemstones to whimsical bracelets and playful earrings. Zoori combines the fine aspects of design and high-quality materials with a touch of playfulness to offer jewellery that transcends conventional boundaries. According to the brand, Zoori is “a blend of high-quality craftsmanship and a vibrant spirit that embraces the art of self-expression”.


The brand encourages customers to unleash their creativity and craft “one-of-a-kind playful combinations” with designs from Zoori to showcase their individual style. It also invites them to explore a world of endless possibilities, where mixing, matching and layering jewellery pieces becomes an art form to reflect their personal style.

Hazoorilal Legacy has a rich tradition of crafting exquisite jewellery that dates back several decades. True to tradition, each piece in the Zoori collection is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that every element exudes beauty and elegance.

Hazoorilal Legacy has stores in South Extension II, New Delhi and Gold Souk in Gurugram, and also sells via an exclusive, online boutique – shop.hazoorilallegacy.com – delivering fine jewellery pan India. The brand has been expanding its international presence through fine jewellery exhibitions and continues to cement its position as a leading, respected jeweller worldwide.

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