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GRT Jewellers engages followers to brainstorm on AR calendar idea through contest

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There’s a saying that it’s tougher to maintain the top spot than reaching the pinnacle. That’s something GRT Jewellers abides by with their immersive technological offerings for their customers. Back in 2021, the brand had released their augmented reality calendar. Now, they are developing its user experience from the best source of suggestions, i.e. customers themselves.

The brand has devised a unique call-to-action to get people interested in social media. Days before, GRT Jewellers posted a contest on their Instagram handle, asking followers to fill a Google form with their ideas and samples to make the calendar much more interactive. The top 5 participants with the best idea stand to win a diamond necklace worth Rs 1.25 lac each. The contest started on 27th June and ends on 17th July. The short video released on Instagram with this contest announcement has received a whopping 10K+ views within three days.

What is the AR offering? Mariappan Muthiah, Ecom and Digital, GRT Jewellers (India) says, “We distribute millions of physical monthly calendars to customers and business houses. Every page of the calendar has the image of a unique jewellery set or piece on the top. By using the Oriana app, if the user points their camera towards any of those jewellery images, they would see a video demonstration of the respective piece right on their phone in real time. This has been widely appreciated and now, we are tying a contest to get great ideas that can be replicated by our AR/VR research department in order to experience jewellery in a better way.”

In this way, the brand is involving the customers on its ethos by making them the very source of tech ideas that propel their strategies for better customer reach in the long run.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller Exclusive

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