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Why all that glitters may be gold in 2019




A survey found 80 per cent of precious metal investors believe the gold price will rise in 2019.Online bullion dealer Bullion Vault, which carried out the survey, said investment in gold would be driven by issues such as Brexit and a trade war between the US and China. Gold investment could also provide a haven from stock market volatility. Bullion Vault’s survey predicted a 10 per cent rise in the price of gold, although gold has fallen in the last year.

The popularity of gold could helped among millienials is being helped by apps such as Goldex, which makes it easier to buy and trade gold from your mobile phone. Goldex claims to be the first mobile app for iPhone and Android to make trading in physical gold possible and it uses algorithms provide its clients with the best prices and average savings of 8-12% on trades “Goldex is reinventing gold ownership by being the first provider in the market that does not own gold and that routes all clients’ orders to the largest global peer-to-peer gold exchange in five international vaults (London, Zurich, New York, Toronto and Singapore). This business model makes Goldex the first “ethical” provider in the market: prices are never manipulated or inflated; clients have the certainty that they always receive the best possible execution price; any chance of committing market abuse, front running or price manipulation by Goldex is instantly removed from the equation.”

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