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Give Your Business A Boost Through GJC September Event



It was a pleasure for us to talk to Mr. Saiyam Mehra, Convenor of GJC. In an exclusive interview with Mr. Mehra, he speaks about the upcoming GJC September2022 show.

Samit Bhatt:What are your expectations from the GJS Show? There is a lot of excitement among trade that is going to be a Ready – Delivery Show?

Saiyam Mehra:The festival season is going to begin soon on 26th of September with Navaratri. People, in particular women always look for a flawless dressed up with jewellery.Gearing up for the auspicious occasion of Navaratri,four months back our entire team has started working hard to deliver the upcoming grand show of our second edition.

Our first show was successful with 1300 stalls and almost 16000 visitors came to attend. A lot of foreign buyers made their gracious presence to this show and visited our exquisite jewellery collection.Again, this time the complete GJC team have taken an initiative to make our next show a grand success with 800 stalls and 420 exhibitors. Fortunately, we have received registration from 9000 visitors. We recently conducted 3 foreign road shows in Dubai, UK and Bangladesh  to promote our upcoming event . A lot of registration has been done through these road shows. Every exhibitor will bring newly designed jewellery, to this show, which will be delicately handcrafted, keeping in mind the preference of buyers. There will be ready to purchase jewellery for the customers as our manufacturers got sufficient time to make the collections available. Varied range of jewellery will be put on display for buyers and visitors in this show. It has been our constant endeavor to showcase the best craftmanship to the world

Samit Bhatt :What are the top 4 features and new/ existing product categories that one can expect this year?

SaiyamMehra :Speaking on the collections , more than 150 new exhibitors will come to this show with their innovative and trendy jewellery . This will be a great opportunity for the retailers to get introduced with the changing trend of the market.All the participating Jewellers will be displaying their antique, diamond, bluestone, and machinery products which will be catering to the tastes and budgets of all class.

We have selected the month of April and September in every year to organize our events. First time , the GJC team is conducting this show in September end and Diwali is a time when we see sales of jewellery at the peak. More than 120 team members will be present on the D-Day to give every possible assistance to all the visitors . We have booked almost 2000 hotel rooms to offer accommodation facility to our foreign delegates.  GJS endeavors to be the ultimate sourcing platform for doing business and a must-attend for every jeweler interested in the Indian market.

Samit Bhatt :How do you see the business trading sentiment shaping up for the entire jewellery industry ? Are there any bottlenecks and how are you solving them ?

SaiyamMehra : We always have extended our support for the Government . We welcomed the move to make the hallmarking mandatory and urged the Government to investigate the industry’s key concerns for a smooth implementation of the initiative. At present, a remarkable growth has been observed in domestic business, GST implemented trade scenario and labor welfare schemes . We motto has always been protecting, promoting and progressing the jewellery industry . Our efficient legal team is always working towards the efficiency and wherever any issues is being reported, we try to assist our help and cater best services for ground level labors ,Jewellers ,manufacturers and retailers .

Samit Bhatt :What are your market growth projections for the jewellery industry this financial year and what is your view on the B2B exhibition scenario in India?

SaiyamMehra : Since last year,the  gems and jewellery market growth has been increased by 10%. Today’s consumers are more updated and knowledgeable about jewellery design and quality than earlier time . They are experiencing a new market trend in every segment of jewellery design. With options ranging from some of the most beautiful and expensive designs to the world of fast fashion, filled with cheap and next to disposable items, the immense scale of the jewelry market today is unsurprising.Jewelry is one of the pillars of the current fashion industry.

GJC is playing a pivotal role in increasing the market sale and promoting the trade. We are trying to enhance indigenous markets by uplifting the trade and incorporating the joys of shopping of gems and Jewellery in the country. Our upcoming GJC show will work as an encouragement for the entire jewellery industry that elevate business and promote its members. We welcome every visitors to be apart of such grand initiative.

Now we have open our branches in every district to get connected with each mid-levelJewellers in India . We are taking initiative to provide education support to their families. Every member of jewellery industry is getting opportunity to be nominated as part of our board committee and with their efficiency we have been able to structure every aspect of business    in developing superior quality and high standards for effective functioning of the trade.With the view to develop skills, promote entrepreneurship and expand career opportunities, GJC undertakes various educational program under “Labham”to upgrade the skills of our artisans . We offer sponsorship to deserving design students,  work closely with various gem and jewellery institutes to encourage talent and facilitatesopening of opportunities for an emerging workforce.

Samit Bhatt :What is your advice to the participating Exhibitors and Visiting Retailers to GJS Show?

Saiyam Mehra: The manufacturers should arrive with their best design and collections in the upcoming show as a lot a retailers and newly introduced Jewellers are coming to get a wide outlook on latest trend . It will be a great platform for connectivity and business growth.We have strategically planned this show before the festive season of Diwali and Dussehra. It will be beneficial for both exhibitors and visitors as the whole industry will be preparing for the upcoming demand. In this edition we look forward to welcome buyers from all over the world. We have done rigorous promotion over the last few months, and we have received good response from the buyers. Excitement and the preparations are on sound ourHumara Apna Show. Every retailermuch visit the 420 stalls of each exhibitor to get an idea about innovative design , market trend , customer preference and they can conceptualize to give a grand décor to their outlet with amazing products. Our major concern and thought process is for the manufacturers who should be able to deliver ready to purchase jewelries before Diwali.  GJS endeavors to be the ultimate sourcing platform for doing business and a must-attend for every jeweler interested in the Indian market.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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