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Ghanasingh Be True launches ‘Spring Summer 19’ Jewellery Collection



With Spring-Summer trends taking over the runways, Ghanasingh Be True launches a fitting jewellery collection for the season. Lightweight sparkling jewels crafted to perfection, are made synonymous with the tranquil summer vibe.

Minimalistic designs crafted in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold inspired by floral motives every piece of jewellery is uniquely molded with excellence. Pair it with any outfit and it blends seamlessly adding an alluring touch. These are classics that every woman must have in her jewellery collection.

Jewellery for every day, easy to wear made in rose gold and with geometric shapes, tri color bracelets, and eternity diamond bands in different shapes of fancy diamonds, tennis bracelets and small trinket earrings. These are the jewellery “must-haves” for the coming season which are wearable and affordable to the pocket and are limited edition pieces.

Minimal yet glamorous, shirt chains featuring dazzling diamonds have been included in the collection as dainty adornments. Stackable rings to lend a distinct charm to the outfit.

Moulded with excellence, the limited edition line by the elite jewellery powerhouse is crafted to transform the notion of jewellery from being tucked away for one-fine-day to an everyday adornment.

The “Spring Summer ‘19” is magnificently crafted for those fabulous women who can sit back in style and enjoy the luxuries of life having achieved every milestone with grace, strength and determination.

The collection, magnificently encrusted with flawless diamonds in beautiful shapes of princess, round, pear, marquise and radiant cuts, with a blend of gemstones like blue sapphire, golden topaz,  tzavorites, lapis and the queen of gems i.e. pearls is worldly and versatile, making it an ideal gift to express your true appreciation during your lifetime.

Take a pick from small trinket earrings to the diamond crusted chains, tri colour stackable bracelets to stackable diamond rings that have been handcrafted with great finesse. Each piece can be adorned as a couture stand-alone statement. Says Gautam Ghanasingh, CEO & Creative Director “We have created a collection inspired by the classics that can be worn as an everyday adornment to add sparkle to your life.“Spring Summer’19” is a collection that can be worn with elegance & pride. This collection is inspired from our travels to Europe and victorian era and is a must have for the holiday season, which include band rings, tennis bracelets, pearl tops & diamond chains and tassel necklaces.”

Courtesy: Press Release

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