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Kamakhya Jewels deals with beautiful jewellery that is a fusion of modern art and generations of traditional experience. The company is one of the most reputed manufacturers in India and was established by Manoj Jha, who is also the director of The All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF).


Kamakhya Jewels believes in providing its customers with uncompromising services and quality products through its team of professionally trained designers, gemmologists and skilled workers and staff at its factory in Mumbai and Kolkata. “It is our speciality to merge the modern and ancient karigari. So the karigars in Mumbai and Kolkata are fused together. Our jewellery sets are a fusion of Indo-Western designs and look simply classic”, says Jha.

The company, Kamakhya Jewels, believes in offering customized designer jewellery to their consumers with the help of its highly experienced design team. Jha says, “They generally make unique and masterpiece design for every customer. They do not believe in generalizing the designs to everyone. Each jewellery piece is a masterwork and an expression of the heart, mind and soul of the person who gifts it and the person who wears it”.

Kamakhya means “Precious Touch to the Heart” and as the name suggests, Kamakhya Jewels was born for delivering exquisite designed jewellery pieces through skilled craftsmen. Each jewellery piece is fashioned with the rarest, most brilliant diamond and precious stones studded in gold. Each jewellery piece enables the wearer to commemorate the special occasions of life.

The company has a beautiful collection of stunning diamond bracelets, rings, pendant set, chokers and ever gorgeous chandelier earrings. The company also specialises in fine high end designer jewellery using all shapes of diamonds and precious stones. “We run our company with the highest moral values and make sure that our clients are happy with their purchase. We take utmost pride in having a crème de la crème clientele throughout India and also internationally” shares Jha who strives to provide his customers with excellent quality and uncompromising service.

Jha adds that till now the company’s product range had diamonds in the range of 10-15 cents in the mid segment for western designs. But for IIJS 2017, the entire team is working for the far-shaped diamond jewellery which has less demand in the market. “We are launching Indo-Western designs which have diamonds of all possible shapes. The sizes are also big ranging from 20, 30, 40, 50 cents with different shapes as well. We are launching this new collection as the demand is good for such kind of jewellery and there are few vendors only” says he.

Their chokers and rings, ranging from Rs. 20 lac to 1 crore. “This It is our speciality. Most of the factories and companies in the market are either pure modern or pure traditional. But ours is a fusion” insists Jha.

Kamakhya Jewels has two kinds of product range. One is high end which starts from Rs. 1 lac to 1 crore. “This year we have developed an online range of jewellery which is targeted for smaller stores. It used to be sold on flipkart etc. Earlier we didn’t work for smaller stores but we are doing so from now on and the range is between Rs. 10,000 to 50,000. This is an innovation done this year” shares Jha

5 unique reasons
1. We use four different shapes of diamonds to make jewellery. The vendors for this kind of jewellery are just 1 percent.
2. We have a fusion of handmade and casting jewellery. Again there is hardly 1-2 percent for such kind of jewellery. Either they are pure casting or pure handmade.
3. Generally the big factories don’t make customized jewellery but we make customized jewellery as well.
4. The market delivery time is of 60 days. But we have a delivery time of 30 days and in times of urgency; we can make jewellery in 10 days’ time as well. We have a fast turnaround time.
5. We have different dedicated project manager for different customers. They are known as the account managers and we have different account managers for different customers. This enables the managers to give all their time and effort for that customer only.

Future Plans

“In the future we are planning to own a factory five times bigger than the present one. We have already bought the premises. We are planning to launch Italian technology in it and the handmade and casting fusion will be taken to the next level with this technology. It will be faster as well. Also we are working for few corporates now besides the standalone stores. So we are manufacturing all kinds of jewellery” reveals Jha.

He also shares that the company will be setting up new offices in all the four zones of India. Their Hyderabad office will be opened in the third week of August this year. “In the future, we plan to set up offices in Bangalore, Kolkata, and other places and it is our desire to open these offices sooner than later” concludes Jha.

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