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‘Forevermark always attracts a different set of people and gives us an edge’



Suraj Shantakumar Kirtilals, director of business strategy at Kirtilals Kalidas Jewellers Pvt Ltd gets candid with Samit Bhatta, publisher of The Retail Jeweller about his journey with Forevermark.

 Samit Bhatta (SB): How has your journey been with Forevermark?

Suraj Shantakumar (SS): I distinctly remember how we started with just a one-door at our Hyderabad store in 2013. Since then, the relationship has really transformed. Today, Forevermark is an integral part of Kirtilals. Now we have five standalone doors, one of which is a Forevermark boutique. We have seen great synergy and scope for the association to grow.

 SB: How do you perceive Forevermark’s future in India, and your role in it?

SS: I believe we have a big opportunity with Forevermark and that’s the reason we went ahead with the boutique store. We need to look at ways to attract customers from different walks of life. With the variety coming up with Forevermark, we now attract a completely different set of clients who don’t normally come to our standalone outlets. So, both brands are growing as one.

 SB: How do you think Diwali and the upcoming wedding season will affect sales with Forevermark diamonds?

SS: There is gloom in the market now, but we have to be optimistic. The wheels have started turning for us slowly, and I can only see things getting better in a couple of months. In fact, we have started working on new design portfolios, and Forevermark only grows with time so I have nothing new to add to their effort. Customers are aware and we can interact with them about Forevermark more comfortably. So, whatever the consumer’s requirements are, I think we can always fit them in Forevermark’s portfolio.

 SB: What is your message for the Forevermark team for the upcoming Forum?

SS: I always admire the way in which Sachin and his team work —the spirit, the level of positivity and the warmth. I have great memories with the team and every year, July has been the month to look forward to because of the Forum. This year will be a new experience with the virtual one and they will do something which will be one-of-its-kind. Our team is always excited to participate in Forevermark initiatives.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service.

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