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Far-reaching collaborations



Manoj Chakraborty

Covid has come in with the power to unite people. An industry thriving on individual ideas has suddenly shifted gears to join hands with brands sharing similar ethos and design philosophy to explore new markets. Case in point: Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers, Lucknow, UP.

The firm has joined hands with a renowned saree brand from South India, Kankatala for its Daivatam (meaning a deity) edition this festive season. Talking about how the collaboration came about, Tanya Rastogi, director of the company, said, “We have been participating in exhibitions and shows for a few years now. Our ‘Jewels of Awadh’ collection found an instant following amongst south Indians who appreciate heritage designs. Ever since, we have catered to south brides and made a few leaps there. When Kankatala approached us for their shoot, we grabbed the opportunity as we can see the value in reaching out to this segment.”

The synergy

‘Jewels of Awadh’ is inspired by the heritage art forms from the times of the nawabs and Kankatala too is widely known for its rich traditional handloom weaves. Both the brands have a strong association with luxury handcrafted designs.

It is also a fact that discerning consumers cherish heirloom designs in precious jewellery as well as traditional Indian sarees. So, it seemed like the perfect match. As per Rastogi, Kankatala too sees the opportunity to make inroads into the northern part of the country.

The rising trend of brides often buying pieces from other parts of the country to meet their specific needs is further making the association valuable for both.

The campaign has garnered huge attention on social media leading to many enquiries for both the brands.

As part of the campaign, celebrities like Nyra Banerjee, Ankita Sharma and Pooja Banerjee were seen in the ‘Jewels of Awadh’ pieces and draped in Kankatala sarees.


As published in The Retail Jeweller India magazine


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