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Digital Ready Inventory will move fastest at IIJS Virtual



Toshiba Jariwala is a big online enthusiast and feels that the IIJS Virtual will be a positive sign in the darkness around

What are your views on the virtual IIJS?

We were expecting GJEPC to do a show like this because, otherwise, the January date they were contemplating for a physical show would have been too late. For a positive environment, the networking needs to go on even if sales are on the lower side. We are attending meetings and it feels good to be doing something. It will be good for everyone participating in the exhibition.

What are you planning to display at the meet? What do you think about the trends for the upcoming season?

We are getting lots of orders for 14K gold. Special orders are coming in retail, and they want something different. We are also bucking up for the bridal season and getting orders for chokers in 7K-10K and 14K gold. We are exploring religious and friendship bands for the younger, Gen Z customers.

Do you think that 7K and 14K will be trending?

I am not sure about 7K, but 14K, surely.

What do you want to tell retailers who are attending the IIJS virtual?

The market is open and we are getting calls from international buyers. They should extract maximum benefit from this show and look into new vendors and products, as a lot of them are online. Retailers should have a social media presence. We are working hand-in-hand with certain retailers and giving them images that they can put up on their websites. We are giving them the option of stocking our products only if orders come in.

Do you think a digital-ready inventory is now a requirement?

We are doing it and I think this is the way forward. When you look at gold and diamond prices, it’s better to be prepared digitally and stay a step ahead.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service


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