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Different facets of bridal trends



In the final session of the day which was on bridal trends, panellists highlighted various aspects of evolving sensibilities of modern Indian brides.

“The ritual of gold jewellery is firmly rooted in tradition. But the brides are reinventing the trend. They are expressing individuality without defying the traditions. So, designs becoming important. Jewellery is not like fashion in wedding. Long term relevance is still a strong consideration,” said Vipin Sharma, CEO, Azva.

Vikram Merchant, director, India Representative Office, Rio Tinto Diamonds said, “The outlook for bridal jewellery has changed. It has become wearable. And that aspect has increased opportunities. 56%-67%  of the mother and daughter prefer to buy new jewellery at the wedding time. They don’t mind taking old jewellery from mother but they still buy new jewellery for the main occasion,” said Merchant. The purchase decision now lies with the bride. The parents chalk out the budget, but the design, the stones and the metals are chosen by the brides. According to him, the bridal trends in 2018 would be uncut diamond jewellery, statement pieces and authenticity.

Santosh Sawant from  Forevermark said, “as per our diamond acquisition study covering  40,000 consumers in the country, 90% prefer wearing finger rings. They don’t want to big pieces. Today’s woman has transformed social materialism into personal meaningfulness.”

Kamna Chowdhury, director, consumer insights and marketing, PGI said, “The occasions of celebrations go beyond the wedding week. Today’s bride wants her trousseau to prepare her for the new life ahead. The designs should compliment fusion dressing, extraordinary adaptations of classic motifs. The design should be elegance and simplicity in design and offer flexibility of wearing.

“The design has to be revenant to the occasion. The designs should reflect emotions,” said Vijay Jain, CEO, ORRA.

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