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Diamondtree’s store at DLF Mall of India in Noida relocates and expands retail space




The larger store will enable customers to choose from the brand’s diverse offerings that resonate with cultural heritage and modern tastes

Diamondtree is making a move that will not only cater to its growing customer base but also offer a glorious showcase for its stunning jewellery pieces. Previously situated on the second floor of DLF Mall of India in Noida, it is now making a monumental shift to the first floor, gaining not only a prime location but also increasing its retail space.

The larger store promises luxury and elegance to customers, aligning perfectly with Diamondtree’s commitment to weaving tales of grace and splendor through its creations.

The brainchild of founders Cherry Sahni and Raghav Sahni, Diamondtree is a brand steeped in tradition yet imbued with contemporary designs. With a wide range of jewellery categories, including bridal, wedding, occasional, minimalist, workwear, and kids’ jewellery, the brand’s diverse offerings have resonated with both cultural heritage and modern tastes.


Cherry Sahni, Creative Head, Diamondtree said, “Jewellery is a unique form of self-expression; one can represent their identity & individuality by the jewellery they wear. Our expertise is creating a diverse range of unique designs that resonates well with customers’ personality by customizing jewellery as per their desire.” Raghav Sahni, Managing Director, Diamondtree, brought his experience from his family business, and the duo’s shared passion for jewellery and business acumen laid the foundation for the brand.

Diamondtree’s adherence to quality and innovation has been recognized internationally, as their diamond jewellery graced the red carpet of the Oscars from 2016 to 2020 in partnership with De Beers Forevermark. Their creations have also been adorned at the New York Fashion Week and have been featured in prestigious publications like Vogue, Bazaar, and Adorn Magazines.

“We consistently stay attuned to international trends, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures, art, and fashion, to infuse our creations with a touch of global allure,” says Cherry Sahni.

This dedication to staying ahead of the curve has earned them accolades, including the ‘Best Accessory of the Year’ award in 2017 and the recent title of ‘Internationally Acclaimed Jewellery Brand’ by Hindustan Times.

With 100k+ satisfied customers across 15+ countries and three retail outlets in Delhi-NCR, Diamondtree is set to extend its footprint further. The brand is planning to open outlets in premium areas, leveraging its expertise in current jewellery trends.

As Diamondtree prepares to dazzle its customers with an even larger and more opulent store, it continues to uphold its vision of blending tradition with contemporary designs, creating timeless pieces that capture the essence of both the past and the present. The expansion reaffirms its commitment to sublimity, authenticity, and the celebration of life’s cherished moments through its sparkling creations.

Courtesy: outlookindia.com

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