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Diamond pret lines – Fashionably yours!



Diamonds are dressy – whether tailored for day or night. Design-centric and wearable jewellery is one segment that is keeping the sales rolling. Hoops, stackable rings and thin layered chains, tiny ear studs – with a sprinkling of pave-set diamonds or fancy-cut sparklers are a hit with today’s generation. Understated chic renditions with huge bang for your buck are available in linear formats, openwork florets, and a medley of geometric motifs. Pret diamond lines are moving off the shelves across India.

Cluster & Composite Diamond Settings Are In
Manju Kothari, Creative Director, Entice by KGK: Lately, with the evolved lifestyle and sensibility of modern women, the use of white and rose gold is more preferred for wearable jewellery. With the shift in season, a fruity palette in jewellery will be trending in the prêt wear segment. To champion the transition, we have been experimenting with rhodium colours like reds, blues and greens; and that is only possible by virtue of our robust R&D division. There’s a strong inclination among buyers towards diamond jewellery which offers value for money, and gives a cluster or composite look. The value chain advantages offered by the KGK Group, the parent brand of Entice effectively fits the bill.

A dressy gold ring with diamond-set floral finials. By Entice, KGK Since 1905
Chandelier diamond earrings. By Entice, KGK Since 1905

A stylised leafy diamond pendant. By Entice, KGK Since 1905

Gold floral ear studs crafted in 18-karat rose gold featuring square-cut diamonds. By Entice, KGK Since 1905

The sweetest spot lies anywhere in the range of Rs.25,000 to Rs.90,000, and rings and earring fall into the most popular product category.

As for our collections, in certain categories of collections, handcraft is absolutely irreplaceable. On the other hand, the new-age technology allows us to achieve desired shapes that require utmost precision. I believe that the market sentiment is only getting better and splitting buyers into two segments: investors who purchase bridal jewellery and the second category that buys jewellery for gifting purpose, and the prêt line performs exceptionally well in this segment. If we strive to work hard, we will be able to recognise challenges as opportunities. Another key factor is to focus on product design and maintain the ethos of the brand.

Edgy Pendant Chains Will Gain Traction

Sunil Datwani, Founder, Gehna: White diamonds set in rose gold continue to top the charts currently. Classic bracelets and rings as well as those that have a hint extravagance are doing well. But what I anticipate in the coming season is a rise in demand for edgy chains and cool pendants. Girls want to experiment with chains of different length, textures and designs. The most popular price points are between Rs. 3 lakh and Rs.4 lakh. Consumers are looking forward to 2021 with renewed hope and are happy to treat themselves to baubles that they think of it as a worthwhile investment.

A satin finish single-line rose gold chain with motifs dotted with diamonds. By Gehna

Rose gold chain festooned with diamond-set circles. By Gehna

The enchanting rose gold chain is lined with a diamond fringe. By Gehna

A linked rose gold bracelet features two diamond hearts. By Gehna

The key element in jewellery is design, and its importance cannot be stressed enough. Further, technology is playing a vital role in achieving innovation in design. A lot of jewellery today is being designed using CAD software. This helps to create technically precise drawings or illustrations, and allowing designers to work faster and create design variations. Intricate designs and customisation can be achieved with the help of CAD. The technology and design is a very productive amalgamation and is here to stay.

Going forward, I am sure the jewellery industry will shine bright – this is because the industry is transitioning from being unorganised to organised sector rapidly.

The future is exciting, and many of our clients have told me that during the pandemic, jewellery was the one investment that showed more promising returns.

Millennials love gadgets, but acquisitions like the latest mobile phone or a laptop are good only for a year or two; diamonds are forever! It is no surprise then that millennials are buying diamonds more than any other generation. They are smart and know that investing in diamond jewellery is an investment that will last forever.

Minimalism Will Rule

Nishit Nanda, CEO, Consumer Business, Khimji Jewels: We are observing a trend towards minimalism. Consumers are looking to express themselves with something more celebratory on a daily basis. Luxury is not about intrinsic value anymore, it’s also about emotion and catering to different needs. Luxury is now a mix of values that consumers want to imbibe and reflect in the products that they invest in. Hence, diamond jewellery has to be designed in a versatile way – and that means offering detachable and transformable pieces that can be worn on multiple occasions – detachable designs that can be worn as simple chokers; or chandeliers that can be simply worn as ear studs.

The gold ring bearing scrolls is bordered with diamonds. By Khimji Jewels

The Infinity diamond pendant necklace. By Khimji Jewels

Nature-inspired jewellery is an eternal favourite. However, it is quite challenging to pick up a floral theme which has universally been discovered and rediscovered by designers across eras and still make it relevant and create something fresh.

Cultures around the world have been magnetically attracted to the glittering allure of the diamond for centuries. And diamonds continue to be a girl’s best friend when it comes to the standard jewel box of favourite bracelets, bangles, stud earrings, and necklaces.

Lighter Diamond Range Shines

Leshna Shah, Creative Head & Founder, Irasva: Due to the pandemic, we migrated online and started getting a good number of queries, most surprisingly from small cities and towns. The lockdown forced us to be homebound, and the occasions to dress up and party or attend events vanished for some time. Now as we are beginning to emerge, the trend is leaning towards lighter pieces – mostly professionals who are working from home and are on video calls are opting for designer rings, ear climbers, multiple ear studs to accessorise the ears, and layered necklaces. The favoured entry price points are between Rs.25,000 and Rs.40,000; the absence of the touch and feel factor when buying jewellery deters our first-time buyers to go for lower price tags. Once they are assured of our finish, quality and service, the price ticket scales up to Rs.70,000. The gifting segment has seen the most growth for us, especially in the category of hoops.

Gold hoops set with fancy-cut diamonds. By Irasva

Organic earrings studded with diamonds. By Irasva

Striking diamond hoops. By Irasva

Stackable diamond bangles. By Irasva

Thumb Photo: Seen on model – a wavy diamond pendant chain and diamond earrings. By Irasva

By Shanoo Bijlani

Courtesy: TOI

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