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‘Cümenyie’- 1st Jewellery fashion show in Nagaland



Gugu Kuotsu, with her jewellery brand ‘GuTouch,’ displayed her works through the 1st Jewellery fashion show in Nagaland here at Ura Academy Hall on September 28. The show billed as ‘Cümenyie,’ means jewellery in Tenyidie.

Gutouch was born as a result of Gugu Kuotsu’s love for jewellery.

Kuotsu has passion to create fine jewelleries and handcrafted earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chokers, tiaras, hand designed pottery, brooches, handmade flowers and home decors.

Hailing from Kohima village, Gugu endeavors to present both traditional and modern as for her it was important to have Naga roots reflected.

Courtesy: MorungExpress

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