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Creating awareness among our sales staff is essential: Divine Solitaires



Quote - Jignesh Mehta

Divine Solitaires started a national sales assessment program in October 2018 for its counter sales staff to engage with them. Based on a user-friendly tech platform, the assessment uses a Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) format for a group of 10 relevant questions per level.

More than 500 sales personnel across India have participated in this activity, which is divided into several levels. The aim of this assessment is to interact with and educate the sales staff in an interesting way!

“We have come up with this program to create awareness amongst the sales staff about diamonds as a product category and Divine Solitaires as a brand. Since they are the ones who directly connect with the customers, it is important that they should be well-equipped with as much factual information as possible. As a brand, we encourage consumers to ask questions about our diamonds with regard to pricing, quality and authenticity. In order to help them out, our sales staff should possess this knowledge”, explains Mr Jignesh Mehta, Founder & Managing Director, Divine Solitaires.


The sales staff participates in the assessment through a link that they receive on the 16th and the 30th of every month. They log in with a username and password from Divine Solitaires. For each question, they must pick the right answer from four choices. With a score of 80% or more, one can move to the next level. The ones who score 100% in each level are declared winners.


Priyanka Bisht

Himani Palariya


Sanjay Nair

Each level has a set of questions related to the knowledge of Divine Solitaires and the basics of diamonds. The questions are selected at random from a vast pool, without any contention increasing the difficulty as the participant moves up a level.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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