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Chhaganlal Dayaljee invites customers and staff to express gratitude towards doctors on their day 



Chhaganlal Dayaljee invites customers and staff to express gratitude towards doctors on their day 

Doctor’s Day saw the brand launch their #ThankADoctor initiative through an elaborate social media campaign

Mumbai: Chhaganlal Dayaljee Jewellers recently unveiled their #ThankADoctor initiative which celebrates individuals from the medical profession engaged across the country. The brand posted multiple reels across their social media to commemorate such heroes on their day. Customers and staff members were invited to thank doctors who helped them with their health. 

The first reel posted sees Dr. Tulika Anand, a doctor herself, who takes a moment to thank her childhood inspiration Dr. S. Sen, who saved her from appendicitis. Sushma Kumar, a home chef, is heartily thankful to Dr. Ram Kumar of Jamshedpur for his care and excellent treatment. The next reel shows a mother & son duo, Mrs. Rajni and Pratik, who take a humble step forward to thank a doctor they admire, Dr. Durgesh Nandini. Mr. Jiten Gorai, who’s grateful to Dr. Abhishek from Jamshedpur for his excellent treatment and care, joins in for the initiative.  

Subsequently, Mr. Kanai Paul displays his gratitude to a caring doctor, Dr. N C Mandal, for being with his family through their ups and downs.  Mr. Sukesh Kr. Aggarwal of Jamshedpur makes his admiration for Dr. Asit Mishra (Child Specialist) known in the reel succeeding it. 

Chhaganlal Dayalijee staffer, Mr. Rupam Giri, also shared his experience on how Dr. Namrata Shridhar helped him and his wife through their challenges. A concluding reel, in the form of a video collage, sees all staff members expressing their gratitude. All these videos are recorded at the brand’s retail store.


Such initiatives impactfully link three nodes of the conversation, namely the customer of the jewellery brand, the personalities they are praising, and the brand itself. As the videos reach out to the mass, they convey a powerful message of gratitude that the brand and its customers believe in. Therefore, such organic engagement of customers sets a high precedent of promotion in the market and increases trust among the customer base of the brand concerned.

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