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Are you chasing the elusive consumer: Can digital help catch her attention? Know at SGL Presents Retail Jeweller India Forum 2019



Learn what’s latest in the world of social marketing for the jewellery industry at Retail Jeweller India Forum 2019. We know that superior quality, craftsmanship, exotic designs, enchanting history and heritage are important elements in jewellery, but they alone are not enough to differentiate brands especially as consumers look to spend their money on more enduring products that hold greater meaning. So what should be the strategy in this fiercely competitive digital world where brands are jostling with each other to grasp the attention of their consumers? Our esteemed speakers for the session ‘Are you chasing the elusive consumer: Can digital help catch her attention’ are Richa Singh, Managing Director, Diamond Producers Association and Amrita Choudhary, General Manager.

Richa Singh, Managing Director – DPA says, “The new age consumer is very smart, and getting savvier by the day. She is also very busy, easily distracted and can switch between media platforms at a flick of her finger. She has multiple brands vying for her limited attention span and follows influencers who are real people with their own unique voice. Traditional mediums like television and print no longer work with her; she wants a lot more from a brand. Through this session, we want to have a discussion with you, aided by an agency expert, on what that “more” can be.”

“This changing media behaviour and consumption pattern of new age consumers have created a need for smarter marketing strategies and techniques, we need to identify what she wants and offer it to her in a crisp and easily shareable model. She does not want a brand to give her information, she wants you to have a conversation with her and show her how she can express her own individuality. DPA’s social media approach has been to offer real and relatable stories and it has worked in getting us a highly engaged and relevant audience who feel passionately about diamonds – it is a smaller number but the follower growth was organic and we achieved it because of our unique strategy in capturing our audience through content that is real, relatable and emotionally resonant.”

Throwing more light on the subject, Amrita Choudhary, General Manager, Wavemaker said “In today’s connected yet the cluttered world, creating differentiation and relevance for our consumers is most essential. People don’t consider brands; they experience them. Armed with a dizzying array of information and access, people interact with more brands in more ways than ever before. As customers increasingly spend time with digital media, it is important for marketers to understand the intricacies of this medium.”

She further added, “Most marketers approach digital as they would approach any traditional communication medium. They would adopt similar campaign ideas to break into the hearts of the digital consumer.  But replacing the traditional model with a new one enables customers and fans to interact and share, and it deepens the brand experience. In DPA we have adopted a similar model with Social Media and influencer marketing with interesting narratives which engage with our consumers and builds deeper connect.”

Are you facing the challenge of reaching out to your consumers in the age of social media? Would you like to learn what changes you need to make in your marketing plan to target your audience better? If yes, then don’t forget to attend Retail Jeweller India Forum on February 9. Book your seats today.

(Retail Jeweller India will be hosting their 6th edition of Retail Jeweller India Forum on February 9, 2019, at Sofitel BKC, Mumbai.  Register yourself today to be part of the exciting knowledge-based event, which will have renowned speakers sharing their rich insights on this year’s theme ‘Innovate to Win’. For more information and to register, log in on to

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