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Caratlane launches ‘Postcards’ to convey heartfelt video messages embedded in jewellery




Launched on January 26, the feature enables people to scan a diamond ring or earring and access a video message from the sender. With this initiative, the brand has leveraged technology to make the gifting experience deeply personalized, and given customers a way to save memories eternally

Mumbai: Caratlane, one of the most progressive jewellery brands, delivered a masterstroke by leveraging technology to create a surprise element and convey emotional messages with its ‘Caratlane Postcard’ feature launched on January 26. With this initiative, the brand has made the gifting experience deeply personalized through a process that would let users save memories eternally.

The Postcard feature enables the wearer of Caratlane’s diamond rings to scan them and access video messages embedded into them. Caratlane sends a notification about a surprise inside the diamond to the recipients of the jewellery pieces, prompting them to scan the ring. The video then pops up, delivering a message and adding an emotional touch to the gift. The idea had been conceived by Mithun Sacheti, co-founder and former MD of CaratLane.


The brand started the campaign with a teaser video on January 25, creating curiosity around the viability of QR codes across FMCG and other industries. Then the brand shared multiple ad films of Postcards, one of them being a man gifting a ring to his mother on her anniversary, reminding her about how his father would have taken her out on a date, had he been alive. Another video shows a man pre-empting every minute reaction of his girlfriend when she scans her ring, and guiding her to the balcony of her house to propose marriage to her. 

Another video finds love in a strained situation. It shows a woman returning from work, and fighting with her husband. The camera pans to her storming into her home. She steals a glance at the recently gifted diamond earring from her husband, scans it to see a video of the man wishing her a happy fifth anniversary, adding that even if the fault is hers, he won’t shy away from apologizing because he intends to live a long and healthy married life with her.

Two other videos unravel different facets of marital and parental relationships. One video shows a man leaving for a lengthy outdoor assignment, with an emotional message for his beloved asking her to open the gift and scan it after he has left. Another video showcases a young woman gifting a diamond ring to her mother. Once she scans the ring, she watches her daughter’s admission of how indispensable her mother’s contributions have been in every single moment of her life. 

As far as influencer integration is concerned, the brand had a reel in which TV actor-model Kishwer Merchant demonstrated the process of selecting a ring, embedding a video into it, and the recipient getting surprised by the Postcard. 

Media reports have quoted Gurukeerthi Gurunathan, co-founder and CTO, CaratLane, as saying that enabling users to express their emotions is the brand’s purpose. “Over the last two years, our commitment to bringing Postcards to life has been through a tedious journey of constant trials, testing, and pushing the limits of technology. But the true beauty of Postcards doesn’t lie in the complex technology that powers this service. It lies in the seamlessness with which the user can attach their emotions to a ring, making it even more priceless,” he has said. 

Avnish Anand, co-founder and CEO, CaratLane, has been quoted as saying, “While a gift message or card is personal, it’s also very transient – most people we spoke to ended up misplacing or losing the card in a few months. On the other hand, when it comes to conveying true emotions, a video is far more impactful.”

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