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Building access: Khurana Jewellery House satiates the high-fashion needs of the local patrons by creating a one-stop destination



by Manoj Chakraborty

‘The Couture’ by Khurana Jewellery House satiates the high-fashion needs of local patrons who no longer travel to metros post- Covid and
leverages the jewellery retail opportunities to sparkle their fashion.

Covid has laid open many new opportunities for those willing to take the leap and make the best of the new normal. And, one of the quickest to adapt to the new normal and take advantage of it is Khurana Jewellery House. After having perfected their brand image for decades now, it opened its doors to a new store ‘The Couture’.

This first of its kind multi-designer store in the city of Amritsar is an attempt to cross-sell fine jewellery from Khurana Jewellery house and couture fashion apparels; this also means the brand can work towards catering to every kind of millennial need, and even a good old-fashioned family shopping spree for both apparel and jewellery.

The new beginning

The first store modelled on this new concept launched in 2019 at Taj Swarna, Amritsar. Buoyed by the success of the first outlet, and aware of the travel restriction customers have levied on themselves post-Covid, the jeweller launched a plush 5500 sq ft boutique right above its flagship outlet in the month of October. Khurana’s believe that fashion forward locals of the famed holy-city will want the convenience of shopping, what they usually buy from metros, at their doorstep.

The proposition also stems from the fact that a lot of to-be brides who shopped jewellery at the store seek recommendation for fashion designers. They also seek advice on how to pair jewellery with apparel.

The idea struck Prerna Khurana, director of Khuarana Jewellery House, during the lockdown. “We decided to create a one-stop destination for high-fashion couture. People are very trend-conscious in Punjab and want to wear the best, but often can’t travel to big cities and metros to buy designer clothes and the situation is truer now than before. The Couture fills the gap. The store is right above the jewellery outlet with a separate entrance as well as direct access built-in from within the outlet.

The power of many

Matching the grandeur of the decor to the opulence of the display, The Couture has cherry-picked over 32 top notch designer labels from across multiple categories including apparel, silver jewellery and fashion accessories like handbags and clutches. Soumya Khurana, Director, Khurana Jewellery House, explains, “The response to the first outlet was fabulous. Although we collaborated with a few designers, and the venture was on a small scale. We realized this is what Punjab needs and we should venture into something big.”

Talking about the criteria behind selecting the designers, Drishti khurana, Director, Khurana Jewellery House says, “By virtue of delightful interactions with our jewellery clients over the last so many years, we are thoroughly aware of their aesthetics, style sense and budgets etc. So we went ahead with those designers who would appeal to our client base.”

The store has a varied mix of categories including fashion, accessories including customised silver kaliras, clutches, polti bags, silver-based costume jewellery, silver giveaways and artefacts.

The repertoire of handpicked designers boast of names such as Tarun Tahliani, Gaurav Gupta, Dolly J, Niharika Kamani, Sougat Paul, Faidaus-By Akshita fashion apparel, Outhouse for handcrafted modern art- jewellery and Anchal Sayal for polti bags and clutches etc. The store displays a curated selection of designs from each label making it a delightful experience for Amritsarites who only ask for the best of the best. In order to give more variety to the customers, the management of Khurana Jewellery House is planning to partner with more names in near future.

A win-win for both

The collaborations are a win-win for both the brand and the designers. For designers, says Prerna, “It is about gaining instant access to a captive audience base in the Punjab market. The designers are aware that Khurana Jewellery House is an established name
and people have a lot of faith
in the brand.”

Prerna believes that cross-selling is the future. ‘With the impact that Covid 19 has had, people don’t want to travel much, so it’s a fine opportunity for businesses to increase sales and their client base if they go for cross-selling precious jewellery with other categories.’


Courtesy: As published in The Retail Jeweller India magazine

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