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Bhima Jeweller’s 2021 brand ad roots for third-gender beauty and societal acceptance

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It’s not every day when we talk about transgenders. But discourses on gender equality are breaking societal shackles, paving way for acceptance of the third gender. Echoing that sentiment, Bhima Ornaments developed their heartwarming 2021 brand ad on the lines of a transgender’s journey for societal acceptance.

Putting beauty, not gender identity, to the fore

NavyaSuhas, online operations head, Bhima Ornaments decided to create the peg of their latest brand advertisement over the journey of a reclusive transgender in Kerala. The video advertisement narrates a story about a person fidgeting with a sexuality polar opposite to his feelings, which his family understands. Taking baby steps towards self-exploration, his parents accept his nature first with a pair of anklets. Shedding clothes for men and daring to accept female attire thereafter, the character transforms into a happy transwoman escorted to the marriage altar by her proud family.

Driving radical belief via awareness

Bhima Ornaments is a 96-year-old brand in the Indian jewellery community and Navya, a fourth-generation jeweller, realized the changes in social dialogues over decades of the brand’s functioning. “Although the backdrop of this advertisement is in Kerala, the first state to legalize gay marriage and give employment opportunities to trans-people, a pan-India change in trans discourse is happening,” said Navya.

Welcoming this strong chain of thought has been the overwhelming response from market insiders, exclaims Navya. There is always the risk of social alienation from the more conservative fringes of any Indian community whenever such a buzz happens. But the message by BhimaOrnaents echoed across the dimensions of the industry pan-India, with contemporary jewellery players heaping praises.

Watch the video here:




“Big players in the jewellery industry are congratulating us. They are saying that such initiatives uphold the image of the Indian jewellery industry in progressive times. Usually, brands like Tanishq are known for driving such notions, but it’s heartening to know that the industry supports our belief,” said Suhas, whose radical approach towards marketing within just months of joining her family brand indicates their stand as far as including the trans community is concerned. “We do hope that one day we get to have trans people as part of our workforce,” maintained the young businesswoman.

Prioritizing inclusiveness over and above jewellery sales expectations,Bhima Ornaments’ stand goes a long way in describing how Indian jewellery is set out to have a gender-neutral sensitivity with greater focus on beauty in general.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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