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Designer Maha Al Sibai in an up close and personal chat with The Retail Jeweller reveals that her effortless approach to weave in international designs comes from her personal experience of travelling across the globe.

The Retail Jeweller (TRJ): What prompted you to get into the jewellery business?

MA: Sometimes planning and working hard towards your goal is not the only element that makes a difference, but being in the right spot and right time zone makes your view much clear. That has been my case.

TRJ: How do you channelize the international design aesthetics while designing for Middle East customers?

MA: Coming from a family who lived in different parts of the globe and travelled around the world made me able to understand and mix aesthetics of different cultures in my designs. My archive of what my eyes have watched from global arts made it easy for me to approach all tastes.

TRJ: Your profile comes with a host of awards and certificates to your name, how do you handle the pressure that comes with fame?

MA: Fame has always made me work harder. The admiration and appreciation I have been receiving all these years motivates me to give my best at all phases. So, I would say it is a positive pressure.

TRJ: How do you make use of setting techniques to create new design forms?

MA: That comes by experience, built up information and practice. When I have a certain design in my head the technique comes in by default and gets placed in the right parts of the design.

TRJ: If you were to describe a certain design language to your brand, what would be those?

MA:  The apt design language for Maha Al Sibai Fine Jewellery would be: “When art meets treasure “.

TRJ: Tell us about a piece of work that is very close to your heart?

MA: I am in love with every single piece of my collection “Earth Madness “. It is a unique and abstract art, and has no rules or methods or techniques. I have introduced the freedom of movement and depth of colour in that collection.

TRJ: What new collections/ concepts are you working on?

MA: Presently I am working on an interesting project that will be launched in coming December- a cooperation between me and one of the most important female artist of the middle east; a combination of images, colors and techniques to express femininity in an international visual language.

TRJ: How do you plan to expand your business?

MA: I am in the process of having a selling spot in many parts of the world, inside some distinguished stores.  My “Damascus Jasmine “collection is one of the best selling and most cherished collections in those spots.

TRJ: Style prediction for the season?

MA: I Guess if our art reflects the reality of the phase we are living, it should be abstract, funky and unexpected.

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