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Aukera highlights its Signature 161 diamond at its Big Rock Fest 



Aukera highlights its Signature 161 diamond at its Big Rock Fest 

 The event is seen to be a response to the rising demand for grown diamonds, an increasing preference for high-quality jewellery and larger carat sizes 

Bengaluru: Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery has launched the ‘Big Rock Fest’ at its stores in Jayanagar and Dickenson Road, Bengaluru. According to the brand, the event marks a milestone in the Indian jewellery industry with the unveiling of the collection of the rarest solitaire diamonds for the first time in India.  

The major highlight of the fest is the Aukera Signature 161, a diamond with 161 facets, showcasing the brand’s craftsmanship and precision. In comparison, the famed Kohinoor diamond features 66 facets. Currently, only two craftsmen in India possess the delicate craftsmanship required to create this stone.   


“The Big Rock Fest is a testament to Aukera’s commitment to bring to women in India the best in the world – in diamond jewellery. Showcased at our stores are unique, never-seen-before cuts and colours, shapes and sizes of diamonds only imagined before this. Aukera’s design and craftsmanship, visible in every solitaire, is plain to see and has made the impossible possible with a range of solitaire diamonds,” said Lisa Mukhedkar, Founder and CEO of Aukera Grown Diamond Jewellery

The rising demand for grown diamonds, coupled with an increasing preference for high-quality jewellery and larger carat sizes, has resulted in the brand witnessing exponential traction over the past year. Aukera is making these rare diamonds available in 1 to 10 carats.  

The brand plans to double down on its aggressive retail-first strategy and will launch new experience centres in cities across South India. The fest also features an exclusive collection of solitaire diamonds in colours such as champagne, pink sky, and aqua blue. Visitors are invited to choose a design of their choice, giving a touch of personalization to each consumer’s buying experience. Each diamond is selected for its rarity and beauty, offering a unique experience for customers.   

The brand claimed that The Big Rock Fest also features some of the world’s rarest shapes such as the Trillion Cut, Cadillac Cut, Trapezoids, Lansdolite, Half-moon and more, that Aukera has brought to India for the very first time.  

Additionally, Aukera provides IGI certification, ensuring the authenticity, quality and value of all the jewellery purchased at its stores. Furthermore, the brand also offers a buyback guarantee to all customers.  

Aukera believes in responsible sourcing and adheres to fair labour practices with low environmental impact. They are committed to providing their customers with ethically sourced jewellery pieces that they can cherish for a lifetime.  

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