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‘Augmont Gold for All’ gains recognition for creating gold coin with a thickness of less than 1 mm




The Asia Book of Records has certified it as the thinnest gold coin. It has a diameter of 2.2 cm and weighs 100mg 


Augmont Gold for All, a platform that provides innovative gold solutions, has announced that the Asia Book of Records has officially recognized it for designing “the thinnest gold coin” with a thickness of less than 1mm, a diameter of 2.2 cm and weight 100mg.

Creatingthis ultra-thin gold coin demanded meticulous craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology, and the collective expertise of Augmont’s highly skilled manufacturing team. The coin is engineered so that it features an illustration of Augmont’s logo on one side, while the other side illustrates an artwork symbolizing prosperity, strength and endurance. Each coin is rigorously tested for quality and is made from the purest 24-karat gold -999 pure hallmarked.

Sachin Kothari, Director – Augmont-Gold for All, expressed his excitement about the recognition, saying, “We are honoured to have our thinnest gold coin acknowledged by the prestigious Asia Book of Records. This achievement reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and our passion for democratizing gold ownership. Augmont is dedicated to offering unique and cutting-edge gold solutions that enable individuals from all walks of life to invest in this timeless asset. We at Augmont Gold for All have consistently strived to revolutionize the gold industry by introducing products catering to our customers’ diverse needs.”


Augmont Gold for All strives to motivate and educate people about the significance of gold as a tangible asset and a store of value. It intends to reach a larger audience and promote a culture of gold ownership, especially among younger generations, with its vision of making gold ownership more accessible and affordable for everyone.

The platform also helps gold jewellers conduct online business through an app or website. With the backing of its network of approximately 4,000 jewellers, Augmont Gold for All has expanded to include over 23 spot delivery centres throughout India.

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