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Amit Jain’s Chateauvince Solitaires and Jewelry embracing generations of ethnicity




With years of experience and class, Chateauvince Solitaires and Jewellery is on their way to spreading smiles on the ones who wear the jewellery collection. Amit Jain, the CEO of the company came into the forefront with his jewellery business in the year 2017, when he kick started Chateauvince for his love of jewellery that held ethnicity and culture. As time went, the love for ornaments made it’s way to a full time business, which dealt with providing the best jewellery collections, perfect in all terms.

Amit Jain, has always had his interests specified on classic jewellery collection which held cultural and traditional values. The Turkish Ottoman jewellery made with the world’s finest Akoya pearls is the one exquisite jewellery that is close to his heart. He ensures that most of his collections include symbols of ethnicity in them, so that it expresses the culture of several generations. The temple jewellery and art are also included in the ones he puts to use in many of his jewelleries.

As a jewellery expert, Amit Jain is always ready to experiment with the various designs and collections available in the market. He says, “Designs are highly demanding. I always ensure that the needs of my customers are met by introducing the latest trends in jewellery mixed with an Indian touch. The happiness and satisfaction a customer has when they put on my jewellery is a feeling that i can never trade for anything else.”

As wedding season arrives, Amit Jain says that the demand for jewellery attains another level of expectations that has to be met during the time. Focusing on the traditional side a bit, he chooses to present the bride with ethnic temple and Polka jewellery that will give a high definition to their wedding look and provide a classy finish to this traditional touch. Adding to this style definition, he says, “Wearing the right ornament is not just a beauty quotient. It also enhances your confidence and help you in embracing your elegance with dignity. Jewellery is in fact a statement.”

This perfection in jewellery selection expands to the quality of the jewellery that they provides in addition to the latest trends that they incorporate. Chateauvince provides IGI certified diamonds and Hallmark gold guaranteeing trust with their clients. Through this, Chateauvince intends to allow their legacy go from generations to generations. With an in-house team that designs jewellery according to the demands of the customers, they adds to the assurance of the best quality jewellery that they promise to make available. Chateauvince imports it’s products from different parts of the world like, Hongkong, Tahiri, Japan, France, Italy and different parts of India. This helps the availability of jewelleries of world class significance to be brought under the customers in India.


With years of experience and determination, that made their brand a renowned name among the jewellery lovers, Amit Jain has been awarded the prestigious “National Gratitude award 2020” for the ethical jewellery business in India. “Entrepreneur Excellence Award” for the best ethical jewellery business was presented to him in the year, 2019. Chateauvince Solitaires and Jewelry received “Golden Glory Award” for excellence in Diamond and Hallmark and Gold jewellery in India. The success has got them to expand their jewellery designing to include a future in the printing business.

 Courtesy: Business Standard

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