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Antara Jewellery recommends top Netflix wedding titles for bridal jewellery promotion



Bridal jewellery is the most important category for any retail brand. We see similar seriousness in tonality in advertisements and campaigns. But have you ever heard of associating bridal jewellery with the notion of ‘Netflix and chill’? Well, Antara Jewellery, Mumbai seems to have cracked the code brilliantly with their current campaign of a bridal jewellery collection.

They have unveiled their Storybook bridal jewellery collection and have shared video clips highlighting the collection in full force. Interestingly, they made a post on October 13 about the best wedding-related series available on Netflix for their clientele to enjoy. Very unusual for an Indian brand that typically banks on Indian legacy, tradition and culture for promotion of bridal jewellery, this move has struck a chord with their followers.

This is because the storybook collection is all about the fairytale ambience every women has in mind while she starts dreaming about her wedding since an early age. Tejas Nagda, CEO, Antara Jewellery believes that each series mentioned in the post excites the audience about romantic relationships and the goal of marriage. “Antara Jewellery is tapping into the preferences of the binge-watching generation. Good content is available across all OTT platforms today and we chose the best bets in wedding from Netflix. The West harps on the fairytale, extravagant wedding bash, which every woman wants. Our clientele can enjoy these films and prepare their own weddings with similar elegance through our Storybook collection,” Nagda maintained.

This is just one aspect of Antara’s Storybook campaign that started on October 8. The Netflix recommendations are well-curated, with tid-bits about each title mentioned precisely for the audience to instantly relate with various faets of a relationship and excitement related to marriage. Entertainment is online now and for the greatest impact possible, Antara Jewellery is taking the right step to influence emotions of the modern bride-to-be for the promotion of the Storybook bridal collection.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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