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Armaan Narang, the founder of Amyr, an exclusive jewellery brand for men, talks about futuristic design concepts that can be shaped depending on the preference and personality of the buyer.


The Retail Jeweller (TRJ): What were the market insights and research data that led to the launch of the Men’s brand?

ARMAAN Narang (AN): The idea of launching a fine men’s jewellery brand in India was born out of passion. I had designed a couple of bracelets for myself and they had generated a lot of interest, which was a clear indicator of the potential that contemporary men’s jewellery has in the market. We did not really go into any real-time survey or analysis of market data before launching Amyr. It was a fruit of my passion that came from a need I perceived in the market.

TRJ: What is the unique proposition of the brand for young consumers?

AN: Our design philosophy is our greatest differentiator. It envisions jewellery that reflect a man’s personality. Amyr follows a low-inventory model, which is why  each piece is crafted as per the customer’s specifications. Our initial collection comprises 60 jewellery pieces in four categories —bracelets, rings, pendants, and cufflinks ranging between Rs 10,000 to Rs 1,00,000.

TRJ: Tell us about the kind of products you are offering under the label?

AN: Amyr is bold, yet contemporary and draws from some of the leading men’s jewellery brands in the world. Our jewellery is cast in sterling silver with 3D printed moulds, and we offer bespoke personalization with a variety of plating options such as 18K yellow gold, 18K rose gold, white rhodium, and black rhodium. We also do customized laser engraving.

TRJ: What is your brand approach to marketing? How have you promoted the brand to new customers? 

AN: Amyr’s target market is Generation Z and millennials. Our initial marketing efforts focus on social media, through Instagram ad campaigns and influencer marketing. We extensively collaborate with content creators. We have already worked with a few influencers and have more in the pipeline.

TRJ: What are the challenges you faced in creating the brand?

AN: My biggest challenge was the virtual launch during a global pandemic. I was forced to work on Amyr remotely, and the brand was created through a series of virtual meetings, conference calls and emails. I have still now personally met certain people who were involved in the launch of Amyr.

TRJ: Tell us about the customer responses and reactions the brand has been receiving since its launch? Narrate a few memorable interactions?

AN: The brand has been praised for its contemporary designs and core competency. Probably the most memorable interaction was Amyr’s first sale, where the customer was a lady who bought two pendants for herself and her younger brother. This opened my eyes to the versatility of the brand and the fact that it has a potential to breach gender barriers. This is the kind of design language that we need to evolve into.

TRJ: How do you think having an umbrella brand (Hazoorilal) helps yours?

AN: Amyr is not a sub-brand of Hazoorilal Legacy. It is a separate company that exists on its own. That being said, the backing of Hazoorilal Legacy has been immensely helpful in creating Amyr because it gave me access to valuable industry resources and a vast network of contacts. I was also lucky to have the guidance of my brother and my father. I have leveraged Hazoorilal Legacy as a platform in subtle ways, while trying to maintain the individuality of Amyr.

TRJ: How has been the journey so far and what are the future plans? Tell us how has the brand grown since its launch?

AN: I graduated in May 2020 and launched Amyr on December 25, 2020. These eight months were the most memorable in my life. Irrespective of the success that Amyr pulls, I will always cherish the journey, which was an experience in starting my own company. It has taught me something that four years of business school never could. Amyr is still in its infancy and has immense scope for growth. My vision is to make Amyr the most successful men’s jewellery company in India and perhaps expand to international markets in the future.



Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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