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AstaGuru to host online auction of Heirloom Jewellery



AstaGuru’s upcoming Heirloom jewellery auction in May 2021 is all about timeless elegance that has been passed on for generations. Here is an exclusive peek into the some of the exquisite pieces that will be part of the specially curated catalogue.

Through such auctions AstaGuru strives to showcase the untapped potential in the vintage jewellery and silver segment in the Indian market, and therefore AstaGuru was the first Indian auction house to present an exclusive sale in this segment. Although jewellery auctions is a niche segment in India, the demand for such auctions has increased immensely over the last couple of years with budding enthusiasts and seasoned jewellery collectors, who follow the happenings at auctions, and always look to better their knowledge in these categories. Therefore, with a well-informed audience that appreciates the historical significance, and the rarity of such pieces, we are inspired to present pieces that are worthy of a place in their collections.

An Important Two Row Zambian Emerald Necklace

A magnificent two row graduated Zambian emerald beads necklace, comprising of 117 perfectly rounded emerald beads strung together on a chedia. The incorporated tumble bead emeralds have a perfect saturation of green and showcase a regal lustre, adding to the magnificence of this piece. Emeralds are usually associated with the goddess Venus and signify wellness and spirituality.

 An Antique Jadau Champakali Necklace           

Set with old mine Colombian emerald beads, Basra pearls and uncut diamonds. This impressive gold jadau champakali necklace is strung together with a chedia. The reverse of the necklace has intricate meenakari (enamel) work executed with floral motifs.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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