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Alrosa presents the New Hero Stones




Fancy Deep Purple-Pink

A mysterious yet feminine color, this 11.06 carat Natural Fancy Deep Purple-Pink cushion is an even and saturated blend of pink and purple with the diamond appearing grape purple at first glance. The Deep intensity is extremely rare and valuable resulting in the diamond’s strong dark color. The diamond has gorgeous faceting that pays off with maximum brilliance and excellent fire. (pic Fancy deep purple-pink 2.tif via link)

Fancy Intense Pink

An astonishing pink diamond with a color so amazing it rivals even the most vibrant vivids! This 1.03 carat non-modified oval shape has a gorgeous outline and make, superior pink color hue and saturation, and a fine invisible SI2 clarity grade.

Fancy Pink-Purple

Beautiful fire lights up the natural and royal color of this Fancy Pink Purple diamond. The gorgeous combination of pink and purple is put on display for all to admire in an absolutely stunning, perfectly proportioned cushion shape.

Fancy Deep Yellow-Orange

Warm and full color prevails in this 1.02 carat cushion shape Natural Fancy Deep Yellow-Orange diamond – this natural orange diamond is a colored diamond whose color brings to mind the soothing earthy tones of autumn, orange and yellow in a rich satisfying intensity, while exuding striking brilliance. The heart shape is feminine and nicely symmetrical.

Fancy Vivid Orangy Yellow

A lively and bright yellow diamond with a splash of rare orange, this 15.11 carat SI2 oval Natural Fancy Vivid Orangy Yellow diamond comes to life with brilliance and luster. Vivid intensity giving beautifully saturated color. (pic vivid orangy yellow 1.tif via link)

Fancy Vivid Yellow

5.05 Carat (pic fancy vivid yellow.tif via link)

Fancy Vivid Yellow

11.19 Carat (pic fancy vivid yellow 2.tif via link)

Fancy Intense Yellow

Bursting with bright lively color, this 3.01 carat Natural Fancy Intense Yellow VVS1 round is a dazzling sunny yellow. Rare “Intense” intensity resulting in rich saturated color.Phenomenal brilliance and lovely faceting.

Fancy Intense Yellow

13.04 Carat

Fancy Intense Yellow

18.30 Carat

Fancy Vivid Greenish Yellow

2.64 Carat

Fancy Deep Brownish Yellow

This 26.06 carat cushion cut Natural Fancy Deep Brownish Yellow diamond is a full-bodied yellow with distinct brown overtones that add unmistakable sophistication to a rich hue. The tinge of brown dials down the brightness of the yellow, making it an ideal color for the transition to autumn. This diamond has optimal brilliance and scintillation.

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