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KK Jewels wins over clientele with Pet celebration event in Ahmedabad



KK Jewels wins over clientele with Pet celebration event in Ahmedabad

Nurturing new prospects and loyal customers is part of every jeweller’s daily routine. However, when you have 2400-strong clientele, you need a good motive to start the process for every client. KK Jewels went in the right direction with a National Pet Day Celebration on April 11 for its patrons.

The response from just a week’s promotion was phenomenal to begin with. About 93 clients registered themselves for the event at ISCON centre, Ahmedabad. Arranged by Artistry and Just Dogs, the event even had a DJ to play music for the energetic pets who made the occasion worthwhile. “We wanted to assess our original followers and how many interact with us regularly. So we shared a creative on Instagram and on our personal statuses, asking people to inform us if they own a pet. We got 120 replies, and 76 dogs, 5 cats and 4 parrots were part of this event,” said Kailash Kabra, owner, KK Jewels.

Since pets are part of the family, the brand didn’t add a competitive angle to the event. The families were greeted with pretty mosaic arts of themselves. There was a fashion show that had children sizzle the ramp with their dearest pets. There was also a game zone for the pets. “The idea was to appeal youth to visit the showrooms. This time, teenagers too came to the event with their pets dressed up fabulously. That is how they were acquainted with the ethos of a modern, exciting jewellery brand,” he said.

Since the event ended, the brand has been receiving calls from other clients who own pets and are interested in such events. The personalised name tags each pet and its family received went a long way to show how much the brand cares about its clientele. Again, the energy of the event prompted almost every participant to post videos and images of themselves at the event on their social media handles organically. This in turn has boosted the brand’s reach and will surely influence footfalls. This was an invitation-only event and the enthused brand is now planning to hold a similar event next year with a far bigger threshold of participation, that is 300 pets. 

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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