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A Small Towner’s Paradise – Aisshpra Gems & Jewels

Gorakhpur based Aisshpra Gems & Jewels has reinvented its jewellery selling strategy by incorporating apparels with jewellery in a 10,000 sq. ft. flagship store that is nothing but a gift wrapped luxury.

Aisshpra Jewellery Boutique that renamed itself Aisshpra Gems & Jewels has been Gorakhpur’s haven for spectacular jewellery for the last 70 years. And it’s back in the news for launching its grand 10,000 sq.ft. flagship store that takes a scintillating journey to a whole new level. “The magnificence of the store is going to add a remarkable positioning to our existing brand image,” said an ecstatic Vaibhav Saraf, Director, Aisshpra Gems & Jewellery. Well that was from him, but we ourselves picked up some real reasons to put this store on the top of the must-visit list, especially brides-to-be.

5 Reasons the Store STANDS OUT

  1. Bridal bling and designer outfits under a roof: In today’s hard pressed times, isn’t that a respite? This ‘match-making’ becomes a breeze when you can team your garb and your jewellery side by side, or perhaps wear it straight away leaving no room for guesswork. What more, the jewellery is already hand-picked and boasts world class jewellery designs. Another 10,000 sq ft area has been dedicated to a traditional repertoire—Sumangal Ekam. Aisshpra joined hands with the Varanasi based traditional wear brand to engage the consumer in a shopping experience that provides multiple solutions on a singular visit and venue.
  2. Parking hassles and shopping don’t go hand in hand here: You are never tired of shopping, but walking a mile to get to the car is definitely not cool. Most luxury spaces in Gorakhpur have been dealing with the problem of parking. Situated at the heart of the city Park Road, the store has been planned in a way that parking would be the least of the concerns. Moreover, it’s not safe to walk for long with gold and gems packed in your bags. So this is a big bonus.
  3. Live rates on show: The brand has installed a live rate board that flashes the day’s rates for Gold (22 Karat, 18 Karat & 14 Karat), Silver & Diamond for transparency in transactions. The live rate display ensures that transactions between the brand and the customer are not ambiguous. No hiked rates, no need to Google or look for the newspaper.
  4. The touch of aesthetics and artistic sensibilities: Visual merchandising at the new Aisshpra store will impress you at once. The brand tied up with a Mumbai based Visual Merchandiser and Packager to create an extraordinary presentation of jewellery. “Jewellery stores all over have very plain Jane glass panels, and jewellery is shown to customers on a velvet cloth. We are breaking the monotony by presenting the jewellery in special baskets,” explained Saraf. Totally agreeable, as the display tactics have indeed been put in play smartly.
  5. A bevy of staff: No waiting for that special attention. The flagship store of Aisshpra has a whopping number of 400 staff members who are trained to give you relevant insights, based on your needs sans the forceful selling gimmicks.

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