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A piece bought is a livelihood saved: Tanishq’s Ekatvam sings a beautiful ode to karigars



While no festival is complete without the signature Tanishq collection, we were thinking things may be a little different this year because a pandemic has struck us hard. With most businesses cutting down on expenditure and manpower, a lot of livelihoods were lost. But Tanishq’s collection refutes this very notion and talks about taking care of the essential wheels that drive the country. The Retail Jeweller applauds the idea behind the drive.

Remember the picture that became viral during the lockdown? The one with a lone slipper and a few rotis strewn across a railway track, where a group of migrants had been run over by a train, as they made their way back home on foot? A picture that screamed of despair and broke many of our hearts when we came across it at our coffee tables in the morning, it was part of the biggest event that tore through the very fiber of our country this year— the migrant crisis.

From books to opinion pieces, debates to puja themes — the crisis tinted everything since. We spoke about it amongst ourselves, at webinars and virtual workplaces. But very few organizations did something to aid this distressed group. One that rose to the occasion was Tanishq.

A Collection like no other

Like ‘Virasat’ last year, Tanishq unveiled this year’s exclusive festive collection called ‘Ekatvam’. Inspired by the idea of ‘beauty in oneness’, it is a breathtaking confluence of craftsmanship that amalgamates into one intrinsic whole. It brings together India’s finest art forms and knits them into one canvas that spells nothing but magnificence.

Yet, is this just about a new collection? Not for Tanishq. The pieces are a tribute to millions of craftsmen and karigars, who form the primary pillar of the industry. Fifteen different forms of karigari from various corners of the country have been brought together to create the perfect ode for the wonderful men and women, who work behind the scenes to bring to life jewels worth a lifetime.

Among the forms that are highlighted in the collection are Rajasthan’s chandak and kundan, south India’s rawa work, Bengal’s jaali and filigree, Gujarat’s kit-kita and nakkashi and Maharashtra’s stamp jewellery — truly a solidification of different artistic tributaries that India boasts of.

The spirit of ‘one’

The idea for the collection seems to have erupted from the migrant crisis, which hit karigars and jewellery makers too. Most of them went back home and many lost their livelihood. Devoid of dreams or a future, this was probably the darkest phase for the people who essentially make sure that the cogs and wheels of the country remain well-oiled.

As the times were hard for them, the company did not let the karigars suffer from basic needs. They were provided with transport, carried out medical checkups and tests, made sure they got insurance and had enough to sustain themselves and their families.

Just interim relief was not enough, and the company knew this from the beginning. Sustaining the talented karigars also meant ensuring that they had their jobs intact when the crisis passed and they returned.

“We have found ways to stay connected with each other despite the distance that the pandemic has pushed us to maintain. We believe that we are strong when we are united and take care of each other. The collection signifies the essence of empathy and human confluence that we have come across, the care we have shown — right from our karigars to the consumers — the whole ecosystem,” said Revathi Kant, chief design officer, Titan Company Limited.

When it comes to the designs, they truly are a magical confluence of what can be called artistic brilliance. ‘Oneness’ is a key essence of humanity and it is paramount when we come together as one and help each other rebuild and prevail over these challenges. This collection has helped build livelihoods of many who have suffered a lot during the lockdown.

A tribute to ones who matter

While many jewellers have gone ahead and cut back on manpower and artists, Tanishq shows them that it is necessary to stand as ‘one’ to emerge victorious from the crisis that the world finds itself in.

The brand knows that this is not the year to cutback or wait on the sidelines. It is the time to rebuild the sector. The focus of the creation is the artistes who burn the midnight oil to craft jewellery. The brand has tried to recognize the contribution of each artist, who brings years of experience and generations worth of perfection to the table.

Through the collection, the brand ensures that exquisite designs are ready for the artisans to work on once they are back. It will take care of the employability factor that is crucial during this period. The message is loud and clear — empathy is the need of the hour and the collection will help hundreds of artisans stay in business for years to come. It is time to light someone else’s house this festive season. And, Ekatvam is Tanishq’s tribute to this human spirit.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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