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A New revolution in Colored gemstones: Gemcloud brings the gemstone industry online




GemCloud technologies – focused on the colored gemstone supply chain – transform gemstone inventories into a shareable digital interactive library, create a unique, secure, vetted and curated online marketplace and enable transparency and traceability.

What if you could manage your entire business from a single dashboard or even sell while you sleep?

With this intriguing tagline, the dynamic team of GemCloud – the tech company developing products for the colored gemstone industry – has successfully launched their campaign reaching out to hundreds of companies around the globe to help them fast track their digital presence.



GemCloud’s cutting edge technology has developed a suite of services that creates value for each individual user and, when used together, become a game changer for the entire industry.

The signature product is a state-of-the-art inventory management software that allows syncing to B2B platforms and e-retailers, through a system of verification of both the vendor and the gemstones, to provide a reliable feed with consistent imagery.


In an age with no flights, no tradeshows and no handshakes, ultra-secure GemCloud is the existing solution. GemCloud not only allows stakeholders to run gemstone businesses with ground-breaking efficiency due to its powerful gemstone ERP, but also to be plugged into major e-retailers and marketplaces effortlessly.

Through its partnered gem laboratories, GemCloud users can transform their gemstones stock into a digital visual library, with state-of-the-art videos and pictures.

“GemCloud is a very disruptive and unique project and the feedback from the market has been very encouraging. Technology can eliminate most of the inefficiencies of the industry, reducing operational costs and allowing stakeholders to reach clients globally. Also we are creating a community of traders and helping them to tackle this difficult global moment, writing a new normality.”Veronica Favoroso, GemCloud’s CEO says.

One of its kind, GemCloud software is helping gem traders to unlock the potential in their business because it is very simple to use, visually appealing and developed on modern technology, safe thanks to the use of the highest encryption standards.


GemCloud software – already deployed and connecting with some of the leading names in the industry – is also helping buyers and sellers when they need it most: a pristine, consistently presented feed of gemstones from all around the world, lab graded to standardized color & clarity criteria, replete with a lab report including grading.


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service.

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