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A New Customer Centric app with smashing features helps Lotus Jewellery Creation to take a leap in the industry

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Lotus Jewellery Creation has launched an application that helps retailers streamline their purchases, delivery and choices. A step towards the future, it is the best tool for customers to make jewellery purchases at a time when digital is the only answer.

Covid has hastened a process that is already on the anvil when it comes to the gem and jewellery sector. The otherwise traditional industry was getting itself organised and a few big players had already started showing their retail presence when the pandemic struck. What it ended up doing was phenomenal. An average Indian, who would still fish out his wallet to pay for everything in cash, suddenly went digital since there was not option.

The pandemic hit the jewellery sector here it hurt the most. The age-old notions of ‘touch and feel before buying a piece’ was slowly getting thrown out of the window. Most businesses improved themselves and adapted to the changing patterns. Among the fastest to ride the digital wave was Lotus Jewellery Creation, Rajkot.

The company has come up with an app that can solve a lot of problems at one go and is an answer to the already digitising gem and jewellery sector.

“We developed the Lotus Jewellery Creation App to serve our customers better. It is completely centred on them. We have uploaded and categorised about 1,500 plus designs and will add more, starting from malas ,pendant sets, necklace sets, bracelets, rings, earrings, mangalsutras and bracelets, chains and bracelets for men and jewellery for kids. We have the latest designs. This, along with the detailed specifications and customised options help customers select better,” said Vineet Vasa, Partner, Lotus Jewellery Creation.

All features have been kept in mind for the app, which is streamlined to make suggestions for customers who may be looking for matching pieces to one they have wish-listed. For example, if you have chosen a pendant set and want a ring and bracelet to match it, options will appear immediately.

Products can be sorted in several ways on the website. One of the most common is weight-wise. There is a filter for new arrivals. “It will also notify a customer if we launch a collection. From a retailer’s point of view, the salesperson is always aware of what the customer in front of him wants and what product will sell. The app behaves like a salesperson,” said Vasa. “The primary selection can be done by the salesperson and the finalisation and purchase can get a nod from the higher authority. It will help in prompt and perfect decisions and save time.”

When asked how the app is different from the ones that most retailers have launched to boost business, Vasa patted the technology it uses on the back. “It is directly connected by enterprise resource planning software (ERP). Whenever the customer orders something, it immediately starts processing it and they get a notification about the product and delivery, which is super speedy. There is also the option of customisation. We also store our customer’s old selections, just in case they need to look at them while buying new stock. This helps them remember if they want to buy something a second time. Visual data always helps,” he said.

Many customers have already registered on this app. “Within the first few days of launch, we had about 300 plus people download the application. Among them, 252 registered with us.

We have started to receive orders. Many started making wish-lists for future orders. The response was great,” said Vasa. “We are looking at reaching more people with the help of social and print media. We will also make a video guide that we can circulated to our customers on all platforms.”

Vasa firmly believes that technology is the need of the hour because of the pandemic. “With the app, people can always stay in touch with us. It will also help customers in smaller cities get access to us easily, because as travelling to these places is never frequent on our side, neither is it feasible in these times,” he said.

The app is a brilliant solution for the future because millennials are tech-savvy ad can get in touch with Lotus Jewellery Creation through the app. “We have a best-selling feature, which is a bundle based on AI and ERP software.  So, data available in ERP is combined with the future data with AI, and it automatically creates best-selling products. This bundling cannot be done manually. If customers want to alter the bundle, they can. It is not necessary to order the full bundle of their bestsellers already existent. Customers can customise the bundle by adding or removing posts,” said Vasa.

Lotus Jewellery Creation is also planning to launch a premium economy range to reach more customers.


As Published in The Retail Jeweller India Magazine

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