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A magnum opus called Anand Jewels is the epitome of ultimate luxury that Bhopal has ever witnessed

The store has two large imposing entrances, the main one from the facade of the mall and the other from the inside of the mall.




The ‘Bigger’ Picture

Anand Jewellers is a fruit of a keen nous for innovation, a tradition in artistry and an unending quest for luxury, that inspires you to give it all at one go. This is truly a jewellery store that mesmerises with its beauty of ambiance, experience and collections.

One could expect only an innate jeweller like Gaurav Anand, owner Aanad Stores to come up with an all-encompassing and larger-than-life jewellery store like Anand Jewels in Bhopal’s plush DB city Mall.

Hailing from Indore, the brand made a grand foray in the market in the month of August 2020. Alongside the vision to set global standard, it exudes meticulous planning to create a singular platform that would satiate all consumer needs. The larger goal is to surpass any paradigm of luxury that any retail brand has ever set in Madya Pradesh.


Opulence To the Power of Infinity

Every detail in the store is painstakingly perceived and executed. Staying true to its position and promise, the entire store uses ultra-luxury paraphernalia, all made and fitted with perfection. Mughal-inspired lamps, motifs, lace panels, furniture and chandeliers are a staple here giving one a feel of a glorious royal gallery resplendent with the splendour of timeless jewels.

The sumptuous feel of high quality satin generously spread out across the furniture and walls is reminiscent of the Mughal-era opulence. And, for a beautiful and clear reflection of a bejewelled customer, the store is fitted with mirrors on par with the ultra- luxury brands of the world (think Cartier!!). Interestingly, the store gives a strong global vibe but the dominating influence is from the Mughal.


Rolling It Out Loud

The store has two large imposing entrances, the main one from the facade of the mall and the other from the inside of the mall. The former leads to occasion-based jewellery for discerning customers who need to browse at leisure and the other is for those who may stroll by the store and easily give in to impulse led indulgence after being awed by the price-point-led designs on offer. There is a grander VIP bridal lounge tucked into the far end of the store which gives a quiet luxurious experience to to-be brides for trying out their full trousseau paired with the right match of luxury jewellery.

Not the one to miss out on the everyday needs of the locals, the store has a special counter dedicated to basic designs – gold chains,  trinkets for the new borne or a vast range of affordable designs for the last minute gift shopping.

In all, the store has four sections- ultra-luxury (the lounge), and special-occasion jewellery, a segment that caters to everyday shopping and another that offers modern fashionable designs for impulse purchases.


A Regal Repertoire

A point was taken into account. According to Anand, Bhopal craved for artistic jewellery more than Indore; the influence of the Mughal epoch is omnipresent. The collections hence are abundantly reminiscent of that era but with an urban appeal. So, it is local tastes wrapped in international standards.

The experience is unhindered by the price-points because at the core, the brand wants to offer luxury to the masses. The prices are comparable to the Sarafa market, but the experience is of an international luxe label. Whether a luxury shopper or a value seeker, Anand Jewels is a must-visit destination for all jewellery aficionados!

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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