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Tanishq promotes responsible celebration with Utsaah campaign



Tanishq promotes responsible celebration with Utsaah campaign

The presence is the key to happiness and reality. That is the philosophy which Tanishq embodied with their latest Utsaah collection and campaign, launched on September 30 via a virtual press conference attended by Ajoy Chawla, CEO, Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited and Revathi Kant, Chef Design Officer, Titan Company Limited.

Talking about the Utsaah campaign, Chawla shared the post-Covid change in consumer standpoint on jewellery. “Our customers have helped us realize the need to celebrate the present and newness, which is reflected in the Utsaah campaign. Post-pandemic, we saw the benefit of deferred demand. Jewellery as a category, saw a share of wallet gain as expenditures in other verticals lessened due to supply chain disruption. Interestingly, a small share of our customers celebrated their personal milestones in this time,” he said, adding how that demand survived the price volatility of gold over the last 1.5 years.

Chawla added that a parallel increase in lightweight jewellery demand has happened at that time as consumers started prioritizing wearability, flexibility and versatility. These have been the core impetuses for Tanishq to launch the Utsaah collection.


As promised, the video campaign gave a very relaxing and positive impression. From showing women sharing the bill for a Diwali-special dine-out to couples nudging their friends to stop leaving Diwali gifts at doorstep like last year, the campaign evoked the zeal to forget the vagaries of pandemic and live fearlessly by celebrating every occasion responsibly. 

Sharing her views on the design aspect, Kant said, “Understanding consumer behavior is the way ahead. With Utsaah, we have tried to contemporize traditional craftsmanship to give a minimal and fresh offering this Diwali. Geometry plays an important role in trendy looks today. This 22 carat gold collection with colour stones and enamel has an intelligent use of geometrical designs and technique to give a truly affordable range for multiple occasions, ranging from intimate to elaborate.” Modern filigree, jaali work, colour stones, traditional motifs and glint of gold have been combined to create theUtsaah collection, she added.


A key identifier of the Utsaah collection is the focus on layering techniques, mentioned Kant. “Utsaah, like the pan-India bridal jewellery campaign titled Rivaah, includes fusion of traditional and modern techniques. The ranges are prominent in geometrical design patterns, thus making them modern and wearable with any kind of outfit. This has been the task for Tanishq through this collection,” she maintained.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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