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A jewellery manufacturing group getting future-ready



With the gems and jewellery sector getting organised day by day, many companies felt the need to list their companies in the stock exchange to give it a corporate look and a professional style of working. Sanjay Kumar Sanghi, MD, Sanghi Jewellers Pvt Ltd, a flagship Company of ‘Hanumanth Rai Sanghi Group’, having interest in Jewellery and real estate sector, throws light on the public listing of his companies Uday Jewellery Industries Limited and Narbada Gems and Jewellery Limited and how he got benefited from it.

–Manoj Chakraborty

In a bold attempt to get future-ready, the two sister concerns of Hyderabad-based manufacturer Sanghi Jewellers Private Limited; Uday Jewellery Industries Limited and Narbada gems and jewellery Limited became a public listed company 5 years and 10 years ago respectively. Both the companies have seen a substantial year on year growth and have seen a 20-30% growth in the last couple of years.


Sanjay Kumar Sanghi, MD, Sanghi Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

Speaking more about this, Sanjay Kumar Sanghi, MD, Sanghi Jewellers Private Limited said, “Today the gems and jewellery sector is getting consolidated. The retailers are getting organised slowly and they, in turn, are looking for organised manufacturers with best practices and best of the production capacity and capabilities. The big retail players are opening chain of stores across the country and are dependent on the jewellery manufacturers who can give a consistent supply. The word ‘manufacturers’ doesn’t mean only mere ‘makers’. It means “makers with constant innovation in designs with motivated passion to take jewellery designing to a level of art and culture”, which exactly what we believe in. I think the time has come for the jewellery manufacturers to be future-ready and the company listed is a big step in this direction.”

‘Hanumanth Rai Sanghi Group’ is catering to the requirements of the Jewellery Industry though its manufacturing companies specialized in manufacturing different category of products. Sanghi Jewellers Private Limited is involved in manufacturing of natural gemstone studded gold jewellery, whereas Narbada Gems and Jewellery Limited are into manufacturing of color gemstone with flat diamonds and diamonds and Uday Jewellery Industries Limited is involved in manufacturing cubic zirconia with natural gemstone studded gold jewellery which is simulant in looks with diamond jewellery and are much more affordable than real diamonds.

From Left to Right- Tejas Sanghi, Sanjay Sanghi, Hanumanth Rai Sanghi, Ritesh Sanghi and Uday Sanghi

Advantages of a listed company

According to Sanjay Kumar Sanghi, when any brand becomes a listed company, the perception of the public including the customers changes towards the brand. It becomes more responsible and thus gives a lot of boost to the brand image. In the present scenario, where the banks are looking critically towards the Jewellery Industry for funding requirements, companies can raise additional funds quite easily through the issuance of more shares from the stock market. In addition to the prestige, listing of a company also increases the valuation of the company in the market.

Companies like Uday Jewellery Industries Limited with a Capital base of Rs 22.00 crores, doing extensively well in the field of jewellery manufacturing and providing ample scope for investment and growth. The vision of the new generation taking active part in the working along with the talented professionals employed in the company is only towards the growth of the company. Our team of professionals comprises best of gemologists, marketing personnel, financial experts, legal advisors and many more. They help us in finding new avenues for creating a fruitful market base. Even the employees in the manufacturing units are well trained and dedicated. Thus the Company has answers for every rightful question of the jewellery retailers while being a favoured flavour for the stock market investors.

After the successful listing of Uday Jewellery Industries Limited and Narbada Gems and Jewellery Limited, Sanjay Sanghi is planning to publicly list the flagship company Sanghi Jewellers Private Limited in the near future. To sum up, Sanjay Sanghi further added that, the main aim of our group is to be a genuine long term player in the market; I would remind the words of my father, Hanumanth Rai Sanghi, – “Our aim in the business is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves, break our own records, we must always change, renew and rejuvenate. If quality is not put into products, the finest sales talk in the world won’t act as a substitute.”


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