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A gem of Jaipur, Amrapali Museum is a treasure trove of jewellery craftsmanship through the ages!



India was once famed around the world as ‘The Golden Bird’ and this was largely because of her extensive reserve of precious metals worn in the form of jewellery or used for opulent ornamentation in palaces. The brainchild of Rajesh Ajmera and Rajiv Arora, Jaipur’s Amrapali Museum holds testimony to this glorious past by showcasing a collection ranging from tribal jewellery to Mughal, Rajput and many others. Plan a visit to glance at the shimmering radiance of these archaic pieces and take a trip down the annals of history, away from history books!

Located in the heart of Jaipur, Ashok Nagar, the Amrapali Museum is a hidden gem that showcases nearly every kind of jewellery worn by the people of India. With a piece of jewellery for every part of the human body on display, guests arriving from foreign shores are offered a fascinating visual of Indian craftsmanship. Further, the Founders state- “Our museum collection, over the years, has been available for study and research to scholars, designers, travellers, students and connoisseurs.”


It is also said, that out of the 4000 pieces that make up the collection at Amrapali Museum, only 800 are on display and the rest can be accessed in the visual storage section. Spread across two floors, the ground floor of the museum houses silver and gold jewellery from almost every region of India, especially those that are connected with rites of passage from birth to death. Further, the collection of artefacts that have inspired Indian craftsmen throughout history are put on display in the basement.

A gem-studded back scratcher that conceals two sharp daggers, a silver chariot, gold plated shoes studded with stone and a golden cascade that adorns a woman’s hair braid, are some of the stunning pieces displayed at the Amrapali Museum. Among the ornaments put on exclusive display, tribal jewellery is the main attraction of this place. To carry a souvenir back home, visitors can shop for handcrafted jewellery and look-alikes of the pieces put on display from the museum’s shop.


Courtesy: Knock sense

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