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Join 6cstyle.com to deal in Lab Grown Diamonds and Jewellery



Join 6cstyle.com to deal in Lab Grown Diamonds and Jewellery

Every retailer wants to be part of the fastest-growing category in the gems & Jewellery industry mainly “Lab-Grown Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery”.

6cstyle.com did a survey to understand the barriers being faced by the retailers to be part of this growth story and we realised that there are different reasons at different level/markets/retail size etc. Primarily we identified 6reasons:

  1. Retailers do not have enough information on LGD for e.g
    1. Where can we buy?
    1. Who are the right players?
    1. What is the correct price?
    1. Can I just buy one piece as a trial etc?
  2. Retailer wishes to get into the category and stock the goods but do not have enough knowledge and needs more understanding and training.
  3. Before getting into stocking the jewellery, retailer wants to do certain trial or a pilot study for which he needs just one or two pieces whereas the brands, wholesalers and traders insist on buying larger quantities.
  4. Retailer wants to promote it with their own customers first to understand the potential of this segment. So they need to get an expert to do consumer evenings to address the consumers and explain it to them the benefits of buying into LGD.
  5. Customer likes a retailer design but wants that piece to be made in LGDs, retailer doesn’t know where to go to.
  6. Retailer wants to sell LGD jewellery but not from their own shop or under their own brand name but looking for a supplier partner who can work with them on revenue sharing basis.

6cstyle.com is nowhere to address all these barriers and want to encourage retailers to deal in Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery for incremental sales & high margins.

6cstyle.com offers unique features:

  1. Market Place: A Simple and Unique B2B Marketplace which offers standardised quality products from various trusted suppliers and provide all the necessary services like training etc.
  2. Inventory Management: You can order for one piece or in bulk ^cstyle.com will take care of it. It helps Retail partners to follow Just in Time business practice and hold minimum inventory leading to High Return on Investments without blocking any money in high inventory.
  3. Customize your Products: We do not limit our retail partners to just styles available on our marketplace but also offer customised jewellery manufacturing service based on their or their customer’s designs.
  4. Manufacturing Services: Backed by leading manufacturers with state of the art manufacturing facility, the products manufactured are of very high quality standards.
  5. Retailer Dashboard: The Retailer Dashboard gives our channel partners an access to their past as well as present orders and its status.
  6. Fast & Easy Logistics: Products are delivered within India through our trusted logistic partners.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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