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360º Virtual Jewellery Showroom – A Futuristic Solution




A “Virtual Jewellery Showroom” solution conceptualized by VirtuLab, enables Jewellers to host lifelike Showrooms on the internet. While a fully immersive 3d showroom is just the starting point; the virtual showroom also provides several other features. Most essentially, the jewelers can display designs & collections of the jewellery in a 3d environment. This creates an amazing user experience to the buyer. They are able to see all the options displayed on windows, podiums & catalogues –simulating the real world showroom browsing experience. By clicking on a particular piece, visitors can also access its detailed information & closeup photographs. Simultaneously, the buyer can also connect with the sales team through multiple options like chat, video call or whatsapp from inside the virtual showroom.

“Jewellery trade & shopping has traditionally been through face to face interactions. However, a macro level change has been triggered by Covid19. Customers as well as traders will naturally be hesitant to visit showrooms as frequently as earlier.” says Rohit Saraogi, CEO of VirtuLab. “Our Virtual Showroom is a step forward in embracing this change. Be it trade customers or end consumers, one always prefers to look around & see the collection by themselves before initiating a buying conversation. We are facilitating the same experience in an immersive virtual format, as products are displayed in a 3d environment.”

Among the first to adapt this concept are Sawansukha Jewellers of Kolkata. “We have always placed priority on customer centricity & experience. Our upcoming Virtual Showroom also revolves around enhancing customer convenience & experience. Customers will be able to enter the familiar environment of a showroom and browse & evaluate options in the same way. Our team will also be available to provide personalised recommendations & assistance on Live as well as scheduled appointments basis” says Siddharthaa Sawanksuha, MD of Sawansukha Jewellery Pvt Ltd.


The VirtuLab solutions are browser based & do not require installation of any apps or additional software. They are supported on all devices & can be accessed on laptop, PCs, tablets & mobile phones. This makes it extremely visitor friendly as one can enter the virtual space at their own ease of time & location.

The team at VirtuLab takes care of designing, programming & setting up the showroom. The organization have to only provide product details & staff their showroom with chat agents to attend to the visitors.

“Though the need to go virtual is now at an exceptional peak, our vision goes beyond. We see such virtual showrooms as a valuable add-on even when physical world has resumed.” explains Rohit Saraogi. “Brands with Virtual Showrooms will be able to engage with larger number of buyers as they will offer a wholesome experience. Not only this, jewellers can also display designs & concepts without limitations of physical inventory.”

VirtuLab has also tied up with MirrAR, the industry leaders in AR technology for jewellery “try on” feature. The try-on feature of MirrAR can also be accessed from within the virtual showroom. This means that visitors can begin by browsing products in the Virtual showroom & then even use Augmented Reality to check how any of them would look on them – all while being in the contactless world.

It seems that emerging technologies like these are quickly adapting to the need of the hour. The post covid world may become contact-averse; but for sure will be more digital friendly in many aspects of life.



Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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