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Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers introduced Odiyanam Festival for the on-going
wedding season



A jewel is often part of a person’s important life milestones. Traditionally, it has been
drawn heavily from temples and thus carries a deep meaning and cultural significance. An
Odiyanam (waist-belt jewellery) on the bride gives an apt finishing touch to the bridal
attire. Brides-to-be love to try our intricately-crafted Odiyanam to match their wedding

Vummidi Bangaru organises the Odiyanam Festival annually, this year being the second
consecutive year. The brand has decided to go on with this festival year-on-year
because of the tremendous response and the love exhibited by the customers for their
brand. Apart from the fact that they are pioneers in the industry and their customers
have been with them for generations, the Odiyanam Festival draws crowds from far and
wide because the brand has the largest collection in Tamil Nadu. They have managed to
bust the myth that Odiyanam is all about being a heavy central belt for the bride by
making Odiyanam for as less as 75 grams.

“The response has been fantastic ever since we started the campaign on the first of
December. We have customers who visit our showroom to try out our new Odiyanam
designs and make the purchase ahead of the wedding. The festival is on till 13 th January
2023,” said Mr. Amarendran Vummidi, Managing Partner, Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers.

“This is a yearly campaign and we want to keep this up and running. Customers reach
out to us because of the quality, design and innovation that we bring about in every
jewellery piece. VBJ products have been intricately crafted to bring out their true emotion
with the purest of materials and finest craftsmanship. Our jewellery reflects our deep-
rooted love for our culture and tradition. The Odiyanam festival is all about showing the
brides-to-be the beauty of this jewel which will enhance their look on their wedding
day. Keeping the different tastes of people in mind, we have designed different types of
Odiyanam. We want to keep this festival going on,” he added.

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