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PNG Jewellers announces smashing new offer for Silvostyle Silver Jewellery, this Season of Love



PNG Jewellers announced the roll out of a unique offer of 25 percent off on selected ‘Silvostyle’ Silver jewellery across all its stores in India.  ‘Silvostyle’ presents a plethora of eye catching designs in silver jewellery for customers across all age groups. Silver jewellery remains extremely popular amongst the younger audience.

The understated charm of Silver Jewellery has bowled over Young first time buyers as well as couples since ages. The reasons for such popularity amongst millenials and the new generation is the fact that the 92 % Pure Sterling Silver jewellery suits any style statement and is a worthy gift for any special occasion. Silver Jewellery also offers the gift of affordability for first time buyers. The ‘Silvostyle’ Jewellery range starts from Rs. 250 only!

Design possibilities mixed with durability, silver jewellery has always been in vogue for the younger generation. Silver jewellery also marks a perfect gifting choice for a loved one. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the brand wanted to do something special for its patrons. Dr. Saurabh Gadgil, Chairman and Managing Director of PNG Jewellers said,” We are excited to roll out this new offer across the breadth of February, starting from the 5th and ending on the 28th. We hope our patrons love this new offering which has been presented at a never seen before value. Our vast range of designs will on one hand create a problem of choice for our customers but will solve the problem of gifting for special occasions! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we are certain customers will not only seek gifts that offer great long term value but also make a statement, Hence this exciting new offer!”


Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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