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An in-house social media team bolsters marketing: Anurag Agarwal, Director, Bainjanth Ramkishore Jewellers

What started as trips to the office after school to closely observe how work was done, culminated in his joining the family business formally in 2017.

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For Anurag Agarwal, the role of the Director at Bainjanth Ramkishore Jewellers, Kanpur,was the most obvious one, because diamonds fascinated him always, even as a child. What started as trips to the office after school to closely observe how work was done, culminated in his joining the family business formally in 2017, and he has played a pivotal role in its growth. The commerce graduate plans to join the Gemmological Institute of India for a Masters soon


The small social media presence we had before the pandemic grew exponentially during the two-and-a-half month lockdown. We realised its potential as many customers turned to social media to look at our collections. Before the lockdown, we had hired an external agency to look at our social media pages, but they could not focus exclusively on us. A jeweller can gauge the pulse of the market and guide the team better than an external agency. If a campaign is not working as per expectation, we have the option to quickly change it. Agencies react slower. Thus, we comprised an in-house digital team to push our brand forward.


I tasked the team with monitoring consumer behaviour and buying patterns. Our team put traditional and modern designs out and asked the customers to choose the best one, which ultimately led to good customer engagement. We also put videos out each day, which told the story behind the jewellery. If we have posted something on solitaires, then we mention the cut, colour, clarity and weight of the item. Our diamond jewellery starts from Rs 5,000 which helps us attract customers on social media. During AkshayaTritiya, when stores were shut, we used social media for coin orders, and delivered it to the customer. We tried the same thing with the website, but our social media pages had more traffic. We also divided the work so that there is focus built into each member— few are responsible for looking at latest trending designs, which helps us to decide on our promotion pieces and concepts. The others upload posts.


Social media has helped us with the current buying trends. We know what age-group leans towards which pieces. We know who likes traditional designs and who goes for modern pieces. It helps us to target customers accordingly. We are receiving enquiries from local customers as well as ones based out of Delhi and Mumbai. If enquiries are coming in, then we must be on the right path because the consumer will definitely visit the store one day, after seeing the product online.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

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