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Old customer’s detailed testimonial on buying journey earns praise for Nippy Jewellers



Old customer’s detailed testimonial on buying journey earns praise for Nippy Jewellers

Client testimonials make or break a brand and the reputation of its product. In the high-value luxury industry, the stakes are a lot higher when jewellers across the country are investing in in-store and online customer delight. A brilliant example of customer delight has been shared by Nippy Jewellers, where an old, loyal customer has graciously agreed to come on record about the brand’s value.

The video on Instagram shows a client who started her journey with Nippy Jewellers about 25 years ago when her wedding jewellery was being bought from the brand. “Now, I’m buying a jadau set for myself and wedding jewellery for my daughter,” says the client, as she checks how the brilliant neckpiece fits on her.

Perhaps the biggest testament to product quality is what the seasoned jewellery lover told about her interaction with the brand. “It is bilateral. I see your jewellery. You listen to my suggestions and incorporate … that’s how a brilliant piece of jewellery is made,” said the woman, adding that all her friends already get their jewellery form Nippy Jewellers.

All throughout the testimonial, the video shows sales staff exhibiting the jewellery that the client tries on. In this manner, the video also allows the brand to give a glimpse of in-store jewellery demonstration to clients. The video, which has received over 1.5K views within two days of release on Instagram, shows how honest, detailed, personal feedback from the customer is worth a fortune to improve reputation of a brand in the fast-changing technological landscape of social media.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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