Platinum Guild International – India conducted two interesting social experiments

By retail September 16, 2019 16:30 Updated

Platinum Guild International – India conducted two interesting social experiments

In the quest of looking for men of character, Platinum Guild International – India conducted two interesting social experiments. These experiments test the determination of a few men who claim to believe in rare values like humility and courage in today’s time and era.

Find out from these social experiments that when a character goes through a trial, do these men stay true to the values?

Social Experiment 01 – The Feedback

It is said that we are less when we don’t include everyone. And that adage holds true even in today’s corporate world. And while inclusiveness is a term that every CEO or entrepreneur loves to use given the opportunity, it’s actually a very rare breed of men who actually put this into practice.

So, just how rare are these men? Platinum Guild International – India tried to test this through a social experiment. Several entrepreneurs were invited to speak about their company’s values and their ethos when it came to their employees. It came as no surprise that each of them spoke glowingly about how each member of their organisation is part of one big family. But the experiment sought to put their words under a microscope.

Did the entrepreneurs display the strength of character that’s a must-have for every good mentor today? And more importantly, are they as inclusive as they claim to be?

Find out below.

Social Experiment 02 – Leap of Faith

How far would one go to fulfill their dreams? What would they be willing to risk? A paycheck? Their peace of mind, perhaps? Simply put, does every man have the conviction to take a leap of faith without a safety net? That’s what we’ve tried to discover through this social experiment.

In the experiment, three budding entrepreneurs received the ultimate test of their conviction. These men are on the precipice of quitting their regular jobs in pursuit of their dreams. However, each of them are then made enticing offers or offered words of caution from a mentor – all in an effort to see who had the self-belief & courage to stay the course and chase their dream, no matter what.

In this film by Platinum Guild International – India, the viewer is taken on a journey into the minds of these entrepreneurs as they grapple with thoughts of a safer compromise. What the experiment seeks are those rare men who stay true to their beliefs, no matter how tempting the alternatives were.

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News Service

By retail September 16, 2019 16:30 Updated
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