Mirroring the MirrAR traction: A fast-growing technology platform for your jewellery business

By retail November 17, 2020 19:13 Updated

Mirroring the MirrAR traction: A fast-growing technology platform for your jewellery business

At a time when the jewellery sector is increasingly going digital, a platform is helping customers get close to the touch-and-feel experience that we sorely miss while buying a precious piece. The Retail Jeweller takes you through MirrAR’s beautiful, and constant journey to success

A world devoid of touch and feel is not a world worth living in. This is probably how most of us have felt in the past few months, thanks to the distance we have had to maintain with our peers. Everything has gone online. We are truly imbibing the essence of digital. If we think about the jewellery sector, it has been a mad race towards the digital sector. The most traditional industry has possibly taken the least time in the transformation. And they did so with the help of a very able partner — MirrAR.

The company works with over 250 jewellers, spread across 44 cities globally including brands like Tanishq Jewellers, Forevermark, Ajjafe, Senco, Kalyan Jewellers.  While augmented reality may seem new and daunting to most, the integration is super simple. It has cracked some of the biggest names, so at the onset, it may look like only people with a certain turnover can use it. But with widespread advertisement, inquiries from tier-2 and tier-3 cities have also started flowing in.

MirrAR has enabled more than 2 million try-ons for customers and has digitised over 1 lakh unique designs.

Jewellery is a traditional industry. It is always difficult to break away from a process that has been run by generations over years. So, to change the very system of operation, a company would need seamless technology and credibility. With the lockdown, complete digitisation of the industry sped up But there have been jewellers who had started using e-commerce and digital platforms much before this.

Ever since its inception, mirrAR has been creating ripples. It started gaining traction from 2018, starting from the Jaipur Jewellery Show. From on boarding really credible jewellery to launching the zero inventory store with Tanishq to showcasing the technology at 8 International Conferences, the growth, very predictably, has skyrocketed.

MirrAR has seen 200% client-based growth year on year.  Today, on one hand, the brand has been able to create deep rooted relationships with their existing customers who’re rapidly increasing the number of products on the platform & on the other, they’re working on pilots with the biggest brands in the Jewellery Industry globally!

Why does it make the process lucrative for jewellers?  The new MirrAR website is a cakewalk, with end-to-end coverage. For a new jeweller, it is now very easy to navigate through it. There is a section called solutions, where, if you are an e-commerce site, you will know exactly what products you will get. For retailers, there are different options. It is tailored according to what you need. The tram is simplifying the process so that everyone can see how the product will benefit them. With sales, the processes are personalised too.

While automation is the key in most sectors, MirrAR still believes in the personal touch. This means, as a client, you can reach out to them anytime and they will always connect via phone calls or mails. All of this is part of their effort to work with jewellers to understand how to better the digital experience for the industry.

MirrAR wants to be known as a brand that respects personal relationships and maintains them. Over & above upgrading the technology keeping the present & future in mind, feedback from the Industry is taken very seriously & incorporated into the system.

MirrAR has been invited to 5 global exhibits — JCK in Las Vegas, Inhorgenta in Munich, GWS in Abu Dhabi. They have also enabled virtual try-ons at the Forevermark Forum and GJEPC events.

Look at the brilliant benefits. Even a small sale jeweller can now digitise their inventory & carry it virtually with them wherever they go!. MirrAR also helps with information on customer trends and business insights. You will know what your customer has browsed through and show them exactly that when they visit your store. If a piece is not getting traction, you will know what to do away with. It drives every business decision, from sales to manufacturing, design to marketing.

MirrAR works on automatic recognition. It does not ask customers to take a picture or record a video to start. All it needs is a screen, even your smartphone will do. This is probably why the biggest retailers have chosen them. There have been a lot of renewals, most people that installed MirrAR in one store and  have now expanded to others. They started with an in-store solution that worked on iPads to connect with customers inside your store. Now, they’ve also added a website solution for the ones outside. It can be interactive and engaging, and is closest to an in-store experience.

MirrAR’s in-store iPad solution can be your saviour during the lockdown. Your customers can try out the jewellery on an iPad, which is much easier to sanitise than the jewellery pieces themselves. mirrARalso has an initiative that brings the entire supply chain together. Called MirrAR for Business, it connects manufacturers with retailers and further on to customers. mirrAR is extremely secure, so you need not worry about plagiarism of your inventory. You can send links to users and then restrict screen sharing after a point. You can also disable screenshots. Data privacy is at the core of MirrAR.

MirrAR is expanding vertically and horizontally. The product range is the same, but the category is growing. From earrings, necklaces, and sets, they scaled quickly to rings and bracelets in the try-on segment with their markerless hand-tracking solution. They’ve also expanded to watches and eye-wear. They’ve witnessed conversion rates for clients who integrated MirrAR going upto 160% & engagement going up by 200%.

Still not convinced about MirrAR? You could try their Freemium offer to see for yourself. Through this trial version, a jeweller gets full access to the MirrAR website solution for 30 days for 50 of their designs. There are no hidden costs. This leads to an increase in the number of online transactions, over and above their customers getting a try-before-buy experience on their website.

“We initially started with the trial — the freemium version — of Mirrar. The team integrated the platform on our website. After reviewing traffic and the consumer engagement for a month, we decided to continue with MirrAR. We got our license and the whole process has been hassle free. Their team has been working with ours effortlessly and assisting us in every possible way. We are happy to have moved from the trial version to the full subscription model with MirrAR,” said Siddarth Rupchand Sawansukha, managing director of Sawansukha jewellers.

If you want to sign up, you can put in your details in the Google form here, and MirrAR will revolutionise your business for you.


By retail November 17, 2020 19:13 Updated
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